Cryptocurrency `Safe` List

These coins are deemed 'safe' to invest in since they meet various conditions (particularly Government acceptance, SEC approval, etc). This list applies particularly towards US-based cryptocurrency enthusiasts and traders. These projects are less likely to be restricted or shut down. Reminder: investing in these coins does not guarantee profits.

Feel free to let us know if we missed any!


The original cryptocurrency blockchain that gained mass adoptions and is currently the #1 by market cap.
Supported on cryptocurrency exchanges all around the world.


The first blockchain to support smart contracts. Ethereum has gained massive adoption due to its programmability and developer support.
Supported on cryptocurrency exchanges all around the world.


The 'silver' to Bitcoin's gold, Litecoin functions very similarly to Bitcoin and has a long legacy and is in the top 10 to this day.
Supported on US exchanges eToro, and

Binance Coin

Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, with billions of dollars in transaction volume. The company has made significant strides in complying with governments/laws all around the world.
Supported on and KuCoin.

Bitcoin Cash

The forked version of Bitcoin that has managed to stay in the top #5 cryptocurrencies.
Supported on US exchanges and


Supported on US exchanges eToro, and


Supported on select cryptocurrency exchanges and on `BTM`s from BitAccess, an ATM machine that allows you to transact in cryptocurrencies.

Nash Exchange

Legally registered in Europe as its first digital security.

US Supported Coins

These other coins are supported on eToro and, a US-based exchange:

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