Horizen (ZEN)

$5.57197 (19.59%)

CMC# Market Cap (USD) Volume (24hr) Circulating Supply NVTS Change (7d) Change (24h) Savings Per 1K
88 $43,944,300.00 $537,573.00 7,886,680 ZEN -- 19.59% 0.99% -$1,091.55

Exchange Pair Volume (24h) Price
OKEx ZEN/USDT 2,741,328.00 10.9000000000
Binance ZEN/USDT 719,252.00 10.8990000000
Binance ZEN/BTC 1,567,848.00 0.0009335000
OKEx ZEN/ETH 672,869.00 0.0277000000
BW.com ZEN/USDT 610,779.00 10.9100000000
Binance ZEN/ETH 239,536.00 0.0277200000
OKEx ZEN/BTC 473,090.00 0.0009300000
Binance ZEN/BNB 126,136.00 0.4805000000
ZBG ZEN/USDT 134,496.00 10.9400000000
Bittrex ZEN/BTC 73,464.00 0.0009274500
WhiteBIT ZEN/USDT 3,382.92 10.8650000000
ProBit ZEN/KRW 11,092.05 12,880.0000000000
Atomars ZEN/BTC 13,542.90 0.0009309000
ProBit ZEN/USDT 8,856.31 10.9100000000
Atomars ZEN/ETH 11,053.68 0.0275300000
HitBTC ZEN/BTC 228,517.00 0.0009291000
Huobi Global ZEN/BTC 189,228.00 0.0009293100
HitBTC ZEN/USD 227,846.00 10.9476500000
CoinEx ZEN/USDT 307,593.00 10.9262000000
VCC Exchange ZEN/BTC 73,398.00 0.0009274500
Huobi Global ZEN/ETH 83,987.00 0.0275630000
HitBTC ZEN/ETH 70,793.00 0.0276018000
DragonEx ZEN/BTC 2,417,026.00 0.0009310000
TOKOK ZEN/BTC 499,239.00 0.0009335000
CoinEx ZEN/BTC 86,985.00 0.0009289300
Sistemkoin ZEN/TRY 44,691.00 79.3700000000
Huobi Korea ZEN/BTC 11,052.65 0.0009288800
Huobi Korea ZEN/ETH 1,835.19 0.0275630000
FinexBox ZEN/BTC 85,472.00 0.0008233800
Bittrex ZEN/USD 32,271.00 10.5960400000
WhiteBIT ZEN/RUB 1,963.80 821.6700000000
Sistemkoin ZEN/BTC 30,090.00 0.0009486100
BITEXBOOK ZEN/BTC 197.93 0.0028499700
Graviex ZEN/BTC 31.48 0.0009500000
STEX ZEN/BTC 27.62 0.0010683100
BITEXBOOK ZEN/ETH 107.35 0.0618280500
BITEXBOOK ZEN/USDT 0.89 8.8949262700
Altilly ZEN/ETH 5.67 0.0379899000
SafeTrade ZEN/BTC 1.40 0.0004000100
BITEXBOOK ZEN/RUB 0.73 400.0000000000
Graviex ZEN/USDT 0.06 4.2012990000


Horizen (formerly ZenCash) is an incentive-driven application platform with optional zk-SNARK based privacy features that aims to provide users with control of their digital footprint. Launched in May 2017, without an ICO or pre-mine, the platform enables real-life use cases beyond the ZEN currency, including the ability to privately chat with others, publish information and go anywhere on the web with complete privacy. The team is working towards releasing the Horizen SDK which will allow developers and enterprises to build an unbounded set of applications, products and services on top of the Horizen technology platform. In order to accomplish its goals, the project is creating four unique platforms. The first, and main, application of Horizen is the ZEN privacy token, which is designed to be a way to transfer value without revealing individual transaction details. ZenChat is a security focused messaging application that can function as a standalone app or be embedded in the ZenCash wallet. Messages are stored permanently on the blockchain and rely on specialized "secure nodes" to ensure that communication is not traceable. ZenPub is currently under development and aims to allow users to anonymously publish data, documents, and other media from shielded addresses using InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). ZenHide will focus on web traffic privacy. The core concept behind ZenHide is to use a different domain name at various layers of communication. ZenGrid is an application engineered for rent computation. InstaZen is built for zero-delay payment processing. Zen Blockchain Foundation plans to implement several other applications, including a decentralized exchange built on their network (ZenXchange).


Horizen employs an Equihash hashing algorithm, which is a memory-hard, proof of work (PoW) mining protocol. In line with the overall privacy-centric goals of the network Horizen utilizes various cryptographic implementations including zero-knowledge succinct non-interactive arguments of knowledge (zkSNARKs) and shielded addresses, in addition to specialized nodes referred to as super nodes. zkSNARKs are a cryptographic solution where each party can verify that they have a specific set of information without actually revealing what the information is. For example, in a transaction, one party can verify the value of x without revealing what the value of x is. [1] The use of zkSNARKs also provides the ability to use two types of addresses. The first type is t addresses, which allow for transparent transactions similar to Bitcoin. The second type, z addresses, are referred to as "shielded" addresses because the transactions remain private by hiding the sender and recipient addresses as well as the transaction amount. Secure nodes operate similar to traditional nodes but have additional security features. Full secure node operators are required to maintain Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) certificates. Communication is encrypted from nodes to nodes and clients to nodes. Secure nodes are required to stake ZEN and have the ability to send shielded transactions. Super nodes are more powerful than secure nodes and as a result have greater staking requirements. Super nodes are tasked with managing critical network and systems functions. After recent updates, Super nodes will be able to bring tracking and payments on-chain or within protocol, as well as the introduction of multi-layer sidechains to enhance the ZenCash system for future services.

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