Zcoin (XZC)

$3.77451 (-13.33%)

CMC# Market Cap (USD) Volume (24hr) Circulating Supply NVTS Change (7d) Change (24h) Savings Per 1K
159 $41,983,000.00 $6,433,290.00 11,122,800 XZC -- -13.33% -1.74% $503.14

Exchange Pair Volume (24h) Price
AEX XZC/CNC 1,045,111.00 24.8400000000
BKEX XZC/USDT 265,772.00 3.7570000000
Binance XZC/BTC 211,755.00 0.0003150000
Binance XZC/USDT 181,278.00 3.7330000000
HitBTC XZC/BTC 116,600.00 0.0003144000
MXC XZC/USDT 227,282.00 3.7499000000
Huobi Global XZC/USDT 131,121.00 3.7510000000
Hotbit XZC/USDT 49,185.00 3.7728130000
Bittrex XZC/BTC 22,587.00 0.0003143100
BiKi XZC/USDT 507,613.00 3.7360000000
Huobi Global XZC/BTC 37,265.00 0.0003140000
Hotbit XZC/BTC 98,033.00 0.0003152500
Binance XZC/ETH 20,012.00 0.0102060000
Hotbit XZC/ETH 107,281.00 0.0101948500
Huobi Global XZC/ETH 33,682.00 0.0101290000
Dove Wallet XZC/BTC 627.58 0.0003157400
Indodax XZC/IDR 14,096.08 55,300.0000000000
CoinEx XZC/USDT 6,012.81 3.7250000000
Dove Wallet XZC/PAX 143.47 3.7693200000
ProBit XZC/KRW 7,985.17 4,300.0000000000
Dove Wallet XZC/KRW 209.51 4,301.4000000000
ProBit XZC/BTC 5,534.14 0.0003148000
Satang Pro XZC/THB 4,720.14 119.2500000000
Vinex XZC/ETH 24,243.00 0.0101341200
Atomars XZC/USDT 301.87 3.7219000000
Atomars XZC/ETH 114.68 0.0101830000
Atomars XZC/BTC 955.63 0.0003135000
Digifinex XZC/BTC 178,925.00 0.0003160000
Bitcoin.com Exchange XZC/BTC 116,554.00 0.0003141000
Changelly PRO XZC/BTC 116,490.00 0.0003141000
Digifinex XZC/ETH 37,730.00 0.0101430000
BitZ XZC/USDT 454,918.00 3.7357000000
Bitforex XZC/BTC 504,796.00 0.0003127300
Bitforex XZC/ETH 265,259.00 0.0100869500
HitBTC XZC/USD 71,213.00 3.8092500000
Bitcoin.com Exchange XZC/USD 71,213.00 3.8092500000
HitBTC XZC/ETH 647.75 0.0102160000
Changelly PRO XZC/USDT 71,195.00 3.8092500000
CoinEx XZC/BTC 6,878.47 0.0003144900
Bitcoin.com Exchange XZC/ETH 649.40 0.0102160000
Sistemkoin XZC/TRY 64,006.00 29.4700000000
Sistemkoin XZC/BTC 38,868.00 0.0003140800
Sistemkoin XZC/USDT 18,014.51 3.7500000000
Changelly PRO XZC/ETH 649.39 0.0102160000
Huobi Korea XZC/BTC 296.61 0.0003140000
CREX24 XZC/BTC 922.56 0.0003210000
FinexBox XZC/BTC 151,268.00 0.0003343300
Dove Wallet XZC/USDT 444.48 3.8442900000
Dove Wallet XZC/GBP 90.73 2.9695800000
Livecoin XZC/BTC 8.09 0.0005314200
Dove Wallet XZC/USDC 168.33 3.8437800000
Dove Wallet XZC/TUSD 132.28 3.8500700000
Dove Wallet XZC/ETH 204.79 0.0104151000
Gate.io XZC/USDT 555.98 3.9460000000
Dove Wallet XZC/EUR 94.32 3.2702200000



Zcoin is a privacy-focused cryptocurrency project that was the first to implement ideas from the Zerocoin project whitepaper written by a group of academics in 2013. By using RSA encryption and zero-knowledge proofs, the project aims to allow users to remain anonymous when sending or receiving payments. Zerocoin was proposed as a way to avoid the pseudonymity in Bitcoin that allows transactions to be traced to a specific user and creates the potential for specific coins to become tied to illicit activity. The project competes directly with Zcash, which is based off a follow-up whitepaper from the same group that proposed Zerocoin. Though they both use zero-knowledge proofs, Zcoin believes that by using well-known RSA technology they can provide more security than the newer zK-SNARKs cryptography used in Zcash and create a more simple setup process compared to Zcash, which requires multiple human participants to generate pieces of the initial network keys from different geographic locations. Zcoin is a rebranding of the earlier Moneta project, which was created from a fork of Litecoin. Founders Poramin Insom and Gary Le launched Zcoin with backing from private investors including Roger Ver, Tim Lee, and Startup Chile, an accelerator run by the Chilean government. Le also helped fund the project with a grant he received through a Thiel Fellowship.


Zcoin is based on a fork of the Bitcoin Core codebase and uses Lyra2z as its mining proof-of-work algorithm making it mineable by GPUs and to a lesser extent, CPUs. The team plans to release a new mining algorithm based on Merkle tree proof of work (MTP) in the second quarter of 2018, after delaying this integration in 2017. MTP integration aims to create an efficient and decentralized CPU mining network. New blocks are created every ten minutes and the difficulty is adjusted every six blocks. In Dec. 2017, Zcoin initiated a hard-fork to allow for the addition of new non-mining nodes known as Znodes. These nodes are responsible for storing blockchain data which is necessary in the Zcoin network due to the relatively large amount of computational resources and storage needed to facilitate the cryptographic verification process. Nodes are required to stake 1,000 Zcoin (XZC) tokens as collateral and receive a portion of mining fees for their services. In an effort to ensure fair distribution of rewards nodes are shuffled in rank based on when they last received a block reward, with the most recent recipient moving to the bottom of the list. The next node to receive a reward is selected randomly from the top 10% of the list. Nodes must meet certain activity requirements based on the overall size of the network and the confirmations on the collateral transaction. There are currently more than 2,900 active Znodes in the network. Zcoin’s privacy is particularly focused on dissolving the ability to associate certain coins with distinct addresses from the past, thus eliminating traceable coin histories within the network. Using zero-knowledge proofs, users prove that they burned a specified amount of XZC without divulging which particular token within the network was destroyed. Upon XZC burn, a “Zerocoin” is minted by the user, which has no transactional history. When a coin is spent it appears the same as any new coin that had entered the network through a block reward. Unlike other privacy-focused cryptoassets, Zcoin has an auditable supply, due to the fact that the number of coins originally burnt are not hidden. While this can add transparency by allowing others to check that users are using a legitimate process to create new coins, it creates the ability for third parties to see addresses for large holders on the network.

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