Waves (WAVES)

$1.22361 (0.23%)

CMC# Market Cap (USD) Volume (24hr) Circulating Supply NVTS Change (7d) Change (24h) Savings Per 1K
47 $122,361,000.00 $14,364,200.00 100,000,000 WAVES 37 0.23% -2.18% -$2.81

Exchange Pair Volume (24h) Price
Binance WAVES/BTC 2,630,762.00 0.0001203000
Tidex WAVES/BTC 1,361,893.00 0.0001211100
Binance WAVES/USDT 287,567.00 1.2231000000
Bittrex WAVES/BTC 67,764.00 0.0001208000
Indodax WAVES/IDR 22,766.00 17,600.0000000000
Binance WAVES/ETH 368,322.00 0.0065680000
EXMO WAVES/BTC 144,695.00 0.0001202500
Binance WAVES/BNB 52,645.00 0.0451300000
EXMO WAVES/USD 58,648.00 1.2511146000
EXMO WAVES/RUB 36,971.00 79.9763920000
Bittrex WAVES/ETH 959.32 0.0065900000
EXMO WAVES/ETH 38,348.00 0.0065759100
Binance WAVES/TUSD 1,353.27 1.2383000000
Gate.io WAVES/USDT 25,516.00 1.2220000000
Gate.io WAVES/BTC 31,060.00 0.0001213000
Kuna Exchange WAVES/UAH 1,754.14 31.6000000000
CREX24 WAVES/BTC 1,036.70 0.0001194000
Binance WAVES/PAX 540.72 1.2155000000
CREX24 WAVES/ETH 248.04 0.0064280000
Tidex KOLION/WAVES 327.85 0.6165507600
Tidex WAVES/ETH 9.86 0.0065962900
Exrates WAVES/BTC 1,811,172.00 0.0001207100
Huobi Global WAVES/USDT 139,895.00 1.2210000000
HitBTC WAVES/BTC 741,608.00 0.0001201800
Huobi Korea WAVES/BTC 259.86 0.0001200000
Huobi Global WAVES/BTC 210,189.00 0.0001200000
Upbit WAVES/BTC 68,061.00 0.0001197800
OKEx WAVES/BTC 588,855.00 0.0001200000
OKEx WAVES/USDT 483,661.00 1.2200000000
Exrates WAVES/USD 568,645.00 1.2269040000
OKEx WAVES/ETH 435,867.00 0.0065000000
Upbit WAVES/KRW 71,705.00 1,485.0000000000
Sistemkoin WAVES/TRY 321,204.00 6.9400000000
Exrates WAVES/USDT 350,403.00 1.2250000000
CoinAll WAVES/BTC 19,968.19 0.0001200000
Huobi Global WAVES/ETH 25,594.00 0.0065540000
Upbit WAVES/ETH 1,666.84 0.0065667000
Sistemkoin WAVES/USDT 89,300.00 1.2100000000
Sistemkoin WAVES/ETH 34,303.00 0.0064514200
Whitebit WAVES/BTC 5,012.51 0.0001206000
CoinEx WAVES/USDT 28,022.00 1.2239000000
Hotbit WAVES/ETH 19,770.12 0.0063494700
Atomars WAVES/BTC 1,431.30 0.0001203500
Atomars WAVES/USDT 183.98 1.2206700000
Atomars WAVES/ETH 213.48 0.0065777700
Probit WAVES/USDT 59.03 1.2500000000
Graviex WAVES/BTC 4.99 0.0001270680
FinexBox WAVES/BTC 3,982,425.00 0.0001201600
P2PB2B WAVES/BTC 1,187,254.00 0.0001203000
P2PB2B WAVES/USD 528,274.00 1.2231000000
P2PB2B WAVES/ETH 473,321.00 0.0065680000
CoinEx WAVES/BCH 217,861.00 0.0041264700
Sistemkoin WAVES/BTC 122,237.00 0.0001205700
P2PB2B WAVES/USDT 70,837.00 1.2267000000
Probit WAVES/BTC 11,738.75 0.0001207000
Huobi Korea WAVES/USDT 53.42 1.2218000000
CoinEx WAVES/BTC 49,201.00 0.0001200000
Livecoin WAVES/BTC 109,599.00 0.0001218700
STEX WAVES/BTC 93.78 0.0001210000
YoBit WAVES/BTC 252,215.00 0.0001209800
Waves Platform VST/WAVES 238,676.00 0.3223731100
Waves Platform WAVES/BTC 78,606.00 0.0001202500
BitRabbit WAVES/USDT 75,362.00 1.2199969400
Waves Platform KLN/WAVES 31,191.00 0.6294440000
Waves Platform ETH/WAVES 21,908.00 152.1014854200
Coinsuper WAVES/BTC 16,749.13 0.0001204000
Waves Platform WAVES/USD 16,247.07 1.2300000000
Waves Platform WCT/WAVES 13,657.81 0.1752499000
Waves Platform LTC/WAVES 8,377.41 60.0382656700
Waves Platform WAVES/EUR 2,562.35 1.1400000000
Waves Platform XMR/WAVES 2,123.01 66.6616035600
Waves Platform DASH/WAVES 1,977.59 73.4866755400
YoBit WAVES/RUR 1,793.93 82.1100092700
YoBit YO/WAVES 1,523.43 1,106.2293972600
Waves Platform MRT/WAVES 1,103.15 0.0403000000
Waves Platform EFYT/WAVES 573.52 0.6800014000
YoBit ETC/WAVES 527.72 4.8400000000
YoBit WAVES/USD 472.64 1.2840830300
Waves Platform PBT/WAVES 205.09 975.0000000000
YoBit ETH/WAVES 176.88 150.3631328200
YoBit WAVES/ETH 105.88 0.0066795100
Waves Platform TKS/WAVES 92.61 0.0600000000
YoBit NOAH/WAVES 79.82 0.0001241600
Waves Platform ETT/WAVES 78.56 0.0099900000
YoBit WAVES/DOGE 43.61 473.0999986700
YoBit LBTCX/WAVES 43.40 0.0004421800
YoBit DOGE/WAVES 35.71 0.0021115000
YoBit KIN/WAVES 30.46 0.0000229800
YoBit LSK/WAVES 22.75 0.9377104300
YoBit IETH/WAVES 21.70 0.0369766500
YoBit TRX/WAVES 14.18 0.0142815400
YoBit ZEC/WAVES 12.25 40.6000000000
YoBit TOKEN/WAVES 11.88 0.0000001300
YoBit SBTC/WAVES 10.94 1.5526869900
YoBit BTT/WAVES 2.78 0.0004500300
YoBit TVT/WAVES 2.66 0.0000000700
YoBit NTM/WAVES 0.88 0.0000007100
YoBit LVL/WAVES 0.82 0.0001300000
YoBit SRNT/WAVES 0.78 0.0059000000
YoBit DGB/WAVES 0.68 0.0076468000


Waves was founded by Russian physicist Alexander Ivanov in 2016, following a successful token sale that raised 30,000 BTC in April and May of that year. The initiative was launched to address the shortcomings of existing blockchain platforms, which had prevented significant business adoption up to that point. Consequently, Waves focused on speed, scalability, security and user experience. The Waves network was launched in Q3 2016, with custom token functionality added towards the end of the year. Waves blockchain allows anyone to create digital assets quickly and easily, with no smart contract programming required. This off-the-peg token creation functionality, along with a built-in decentralised exchange (DEX), enables a powerful but low-cost crowdfunding solution. Users can launch, distribute and trade their own crypto tokens with just a few clicks, whether the purpose is to fund a new application, build out a loyalty rewards programme, or create an in-app currency. The open DEX allows tokens to be traded against any other Waves token, and official gateways run by Waves Platform offer the ability to buy and sell Waves tokens for other major digital and fiat currencies. In 2017, Waves started a collaboration with Microsoft Azure and became an official partner of Deloitte. The end of the year saw a major upgrade to both the front-end, with a comprehensive UI overhaul for the wallet, and the network, with the implementation of a new consensus protocol. Based on Cornell professor Emin Gün Sirer’s Bitcoin-NG proposal, Waves-NG enables dramatically higher throughput of up to 100 tx/second, making Waves one of the fastest open blockchains in existence. In 2018, the company released a multifunctional mobile application, which made most of the platform’s most popular features available for smartphone and tablet users. Waves team also began developing and testing a new implementation of smart contracts, which would provide much of the functionality of traditional smart contracts but without the drawbacks experienced by other platforms. These saw a phased launch at the end of 2018 and beginning of 2019. Alongside these technical achievements, a series of wider initiatives have seen the development of a fully-fledged blockchain ecosystem for Web 3.0, including: Waves Gaming Recognising that video gaming is one of the most important and immediate applications for blockchain tokenisation, Waves has launched an initiative to help and incentivise game developers to integrate Waves blockchain functionality into their software, including token and smart contract operations. A total of 1 million WAVES have been set aside to fund promising projects. Tokenomica Tokenomica is fully compliant Virtual Financial Asset (VFA) exchange based in Malta, that offers an established and clear legal structure for token issuance - enabling token projects to list and promote their initiatives with recognition by an independent industry body and under a known framework of operation. Waves Lab Waves Lab offers assistance to third parties to develop software and carry out research that will further the overall Waves ecosystem. The initiative identifies key areas and makes strategic grants for their execution, with a total fund value of 1 million WAVES.


Waves team is developing a blockchain ecosystem to form the backbone of Web 3.0 projects, based on Open Source principals. Waves Platform uses blockchain technology’s advantages - including immutability, transparency and auditability - to their fullest extent. The Waves-NG protocol facilitates high transaction throughput, making Waves one of the fastest open blockchains in existence. Based on the Bitcoin-NG proposal, it allows speeds of up to 100 tx/second. Waves’ Leased Proof of Stake (LPoS) consensus algorithm requires dramatically less computing power and electricity consumption than proof-of-work mining. The Fair LPoS algorithm provides a high level of decentralisation while maintaining robust security. Smart Contracts. Waves’ Turing-complete smart contracts (in development) feature low, fixed fees, no variable Gas requirements, and are dApp-friendly. Smart Accounts incorporate simple blockchain-enforced logic to enhance security (e.g. token freezing, multi-sig), without the complexity and risk entailed in conventional smart contracts. Smart Assets adopt the same approach as Smart Accounts, but apply additional logic to tokens rather than accounts - enabling use cases such as token white-listing, restricted trading, and so on. Integration tools: Waves’ Smart Contract builder, IDE and APIs make developing dApps straightforward. Built-in decentralised exchange (DEX), for fast and easy token trading. Easy token creation - new assets can be launched in under a minute, and with minimal cost. RIDE language - purpose-designed programming language for smart account and smart asset logic. Wide range of transaction types for a high degree of flexibility. Additionally, Waves has Waves Client (desktop), Waves Mobile apps and Waves Keeper (browser extension), providing several layers and means for users to access and interact with blockchain functionality.

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