Waltonchain (WTC)

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CMC# Market Cap (USD) Volume (24hr) Circulating Supply NVTS Change (7d) Change (24h) Savings Per 1K
131 $22,352,900.00 $1,799,030.00 57,322,900 WTC 50 -19.49% -0.73% $76.00

Exchange Pair Volume (24h) Price
Binance WTC/BTC 493,940.00 0.0000447000
Bithumb WTC/KRW 37,413.00 448.4000000000
Binance WTC/ETH 22,208.00 0.0023050000
Binance WTC/BNB 13,629.98 0.0223500000
Atomars WTC/BTC 1,372.30 0.0000448100
Bitrue WTC/XRP 53,495.00 1.6920000000
Bitrue WTC/BTC 73,612.00 0.0000446000
OKEx WTC/USDT 95,867.00 0.3890000000
OKEx WTC/ETH 62,946.00 0.0023200000
Bitrue WTC/ETH 703.28 0.0023200000
AlterDice WTC/BTC 58,121.00 0.0000448100
Atomars WTC/ETH 251.41 0.0023432000
ZG.com WTC/ETH 5,481,652.00 0.0023380000
ZG.com WTC/BTC 1,193,307.00 0.0000441000
P2PB2B WTC/BTC 515,090.00 0.0000448000
CITEX WTC/BTC 54,611.00 0.0000446000
P2PB2B WTC/ETH 23,529.00 0.0023200000
OKEx WTC/BTC 9,175.88 0.0000450000
AlterDice WTC/ETH 3,079.22 0.0023139900
Dex-Trade WTC/BTC 1,151.01 0.0000448100
Dex-Trade WTC/ETH 112.96 0.0023241000
ZG.TOP WTC/USDT 4,037.12 0.3861000000
FinanceX WTC/BTC 1,065.28 0.0000441100
FinanceX WTC/VND 964.43 8,989.0000000000
FinanceX WTC/IDR 649.31 5,314.0000000000
Huobi Global WTC/USDT 60,508.00 0.4136000000
Huobi Global WTC/BTC 22,384.00 0.0000477800
Huobi Global WTC/ETH 4,475.99 0.0024960000
BitAsset WTC/BTC 1,895.17 0.0000481400
KuCoin WTC/BTC 2,046.67 0.0000481100
LATOKEN WTC/ETH 0.66 0.0024227000
CREX24 WTC/BTC 2.38 0.0000476000
Livecoin WTC/BTC 227.95 0.0007401700
Huobi Korea WTC/ETH 237.97 0.0025000000
HitBTC WTC/BTC 6,024.88 0.0000450000
P2PB2B WTC/USDT 44,553.00 0.3767000000
P2PB2B WTC/USD 42,103.00 0.3783000000
OKEx Korea WTC/BTC 1.65 0.0000450000
Probit WTC/KRW 45.90 470.0000000000
DragonEx WTC/USDT 205,694.00 0.3800000000
ZG.com WTC/USDT 27,537.00 0.1271000000
LATOKEN WTC/BTC 2.94 0.0000000000
Bitfinex WTC/USD 279.62 0.4400000000
Bitfinex WTC/ETH 8.46 0.0026700000
Huobi Korea WTC/BTC 287.62 0.0000501100
Bitcratic WTC/ETH 0.33 2.0000000000
ForkDelta WTC/ETH 0.14 0.0022222222
Coinplace WTC/ETH 0.00 0.0000000000


The Waltonchain Foundation initiated the project in November, 2016 and the main net launched March 31, 2018. The project is named after Charlie Walton, the inventor of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology and is also an acronym for Wisdom Alters Label Trade Organization Network. Waltonchain uses RFID to track products along the supply chain and store the accompanying data in a trust reduced public ledger. Waltonchain competes with another Chinese company, VeChain, that is looking to solve similar issues in supply chain management. Waltonchain uses an ERC-20 token WTC, that is used to create side chains, provide dividend interest and to operate as a credit instrument. These side chains can operate independently of the main chain with their own consensus mechanism to improve scalability while retaining security of the main chain. Dividends are paid to Masternodes whose main function is to validate transactions, secure the network and enable governance mechanisms. In order to operate a masternode, 5,000 WTC are needed to be posted as collateral to disincentives attacking the network. In addition to regular masternodes, there are Guardian Masternodes that provide proof-of-work to the system and then share the rewards from a separate pool of token rewards. The amount of WTC distributed to these masternodes is a function of the amount of work that is contributed, and there is a maximum of 15 Guardian Masternodes on the network. Waltonchain foundation also recruited 99 Super Master Nodes worldwide to “mobilize the global community for incubation and selection of high quality child chains.” The Foundation invested 10 million WTC to establish the Waltonchain Global Ecosystem Incubation Fund to be used for child chain incubation and Super Master Node recruiting. [1]


According to the most recent whitepaper released in 2018, Waltonchain will use a Waltonchain Proof of Contribution (WPoC) consensus mechanism which includes three different components Proof of Work, Proof of Stake and Proof of Labor. PoS and PoW function as sybil control mechanisms and prevent the risk of 51% attacks. Proof of Labor is a new consensus mechanism for data transmission and token exchange between various parent chain, child chain and cross-child-chain nodes on the Waltonchain network. This cross-chain data transmission is the extraction of hashes based on data features and storage on the parent chain making it convenient to search for and authenticate data in the Waltonchain network in the future. In addition, cross-chain token exchange occurs via a ledger based on atomic swaps and records every transaction between child chains and the parent chain. The smart contract language supported by Waltonchain is Turing complete which facilitates complex business logic and applications. However, since smart contracts will run constantly and independently on all nodes, it is expensive in terms of both computation and storage. To solve this, the Waltonchain Foundation set up the unique Data Pattern for Smart Contracts which keeps the logic simple, reduces Gas consumption, standardizes operations and provides output data in standard formats (e.g. Json). They also designed and built a number of smart contract libraries where smart contracts can be queried, invoked, and reused via the event function index. After obtaining the relevant standard data file, data interaction between an application and other child chain systems can be achieved.

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