Thunder Token (TT)

$0.003933 (-4.06%)

CMC# Market Cap (USD) Volume (24hr) Circulating Supply NVTS Change (7d) Change (24h) Savings Per 1K
228 $11,414,200.00 $1,340,950.00 2,901,920,000 TT 93 -4.06% 6.66% $0.16

Exchange Pair Volume (24h) Price
Huobi Korea TT/USDT 1,081.08 0.0039390000
Huobi Korea TT/BTC 1,075.38 0.0000003800
Upbit TT/KRW 488,680.00 4.7300000000
Huobi Global TT/USDT 548,375.00 0.0039420000
Huobi Global TT/BTC 106,847.00 0.0000003800
Huobi Global TT/HT 11,791.45 0.0008160000
Bilaxy TT/USDT 30,807.00 0.0039050000
Piexgo TT/USDT 2,953.61 0.0039300000
Hotbit TT/ETH 54,360.00 0.0000204705
Hotbit TT/BTC 53,867.00 0.0000003807
Hotbit TT/USDT 51,582.00 0.0039170000
Bilaxy TT/ETH 1,645.31 0.0000227000
Huobi Korea TT/HT 122.33 0.0008140000


ThunderCore is a hybrid blockchain based on the Thunderella protocol designed to optimize for scalability and use-ability. ThunderCore’s protocol primarily uses an optimized fast path to increase throughput while leveraging a slower chain as a fallback for security. This hybrid design enables 1,200 transactions per second while maintaining a decentralized trust model. ThunderCore is designed to be EVM-compatible to allow for easy migration to ThunderCore by existing Ethereum-based dapps.



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