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Exchange Pair Volume (24h) Price
Dove Wallet PAY/BTC 2,648.77 0.0000051800
Bittrex PAY/BTC 4,069.58 0.0000051500
Gate.io PAY/USDT 2,491.02 0.0462000000
OKEx PAY/USDT 2,314,837.00 0.0469000000
OKEx PAY/BTC 781,802.00 0.0000051300
Huobi Global PAY/BTC 11,783.42 0.0000051300
Huobi Global PAY/ETH 3,762.57 0.0002028100
Livecoin PAY/BTC 227.66 0.0000053000
Dove Wallet PAY/ETH 78.78 0.0002143440
HitBTC PAY/BTC 384.97 0.0000050580
Vebitcoin PAY/TRY 29,898.00 0.3240000000
FatBTC PAY/ETH 3,386.34 0.0002360000
Dove Wallet PAY/PAX 0.23 0.0270011000
Dove Wallet PAY/USDT 0.57 0.0589999000
Dove Wallet PAY/USDC 0.24 0.0270001000
ForkDelta PAY/ETH 101.19 0.0002020000
Huobi Korea PAY/BTC 72.18 0.0000051300
Huobi Korea PAY/ETH 17.21 0.0002028100
Dove Wallet PAY/TUSD 0.84 0.0999997000
Dove Wallet PAY/KRW 0.56 1,998.7900000000
HitBTC PAY/ETH 335.24 0.0001948100
BitBay PAY/PLN 86.40 0.1800000000
BitBay PAY/BTC 4.48 0.0000049200
Bittrex PAY/ETH 1.62 0.0001986700
Upbit PAY/BTC 83.48 0.0000052200
Gate.io PAY/BTC 3.56 0.0000050000
Gate.io PAY/ETH 2.30 0.0002000000
BitBay PAY/EUR 5.70 0.0300000000
BitBay PAY/USD 9.94 0.0600000000
Probit PAY/KRW 0.83 53.0000000000
BKEX PAY/ETH 46.75 0.0002000000
Kyber Network PAY/ETH 3,996.44 0.0002056807
Upbit Indonesia PAY/BTC 395.86 0.0000052200


TenX is a software wallet with a native token (called PAY) that was built to make blockchain assets instantly spendable anywhere, according to the team's whitepaper. The company's founders are graduates of PayPal's incubator program. TenX's initial token offering in 2017 raised $34 million in 7 minutes. The TenX Product Suite consists of the TenX Card, TenX Wallet, TenX PAY Token and TENX Rewards Token. The card and wallet allow users to spend their cryptocurrencies in a simple and safe way, at more than 40 million points all around the world. The PAY Token is a work-in-progress loyalty program which, in the future, will reward token holders for spending cryptocurrencies using the TenX Card. This will be in addition to future utilities including loyalty benefits and and being integrated within the TenX Wallet as a mode of payment. The TENX Rewards Token is an ERC-20 rewards token on Ethereum with features of ERC-1400. TENX Token holders are rewarded with PAY Tokens based on the company’s financial performance and other relevant factors. TenX co-founders met at a blockchain meetup in Bangkok in 2014, and founded TenX in June 2015 after winning a Hackathon contest in Singapore following a startup boot camp supported by PayPal. The company was originally called OneBit, as it was focusing only on Bitcoin. The co-founders of TenX noticed issues when trying to remit money overseas and believed that blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency payments are the way of payments in the future. They started the company with a vision to have assets on the blockchain, available not only to industry insiders but to any user in the real world. With the emergence of more and more different tokens, a growing number of users and businesses truly struggle to leverage the existing blockchain infrastructure. TenX focuses on making the interconnectedness of physical and virtual platforms a reality.


The TenX blockchain asset wallet converts the users cryptocurrency into fiat money at the point of sale. In the TenX wallet backend, TenX's COMIT protocol allows different blockchains (e.g., Bitcoin or Ethereum) to interact via a separate token, the PAY token. The TenX wallet can also be used with the TenX card, a virtual or physical debit card connected to the mobile application. The native PAY token facilitates the transfer or crypto to fiat at the point of sale in the application. The TenX PAY token also raised funds via a public offering to support the development of the TenX wallet. To date, the TenX crypto wallet is usable on Andriod, iOS, desktop web browsers, via physical TenX card, and has support for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, and ERC-20 tokens.

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