Syscoin (SYS)

$0.022269 (-1.7%)

CMC# Market Cap (USD) Volume (24hr) Circulating Supply NVTS Change (7d) Change (24h) Savings Per 1K
182 $12,752,000.00 $446,273.00 572,647,000 SYS 21 -1.7% 2.24% $0.38

Exchange Pair Volume (24h) Price
Binance SYS/BTC 150,846.00 0.0000031100
Bittrex SYS/BTC 5,976.65 0.0000031200
Binance SYS/ETH 4,187.89 0.0001567300
Binance SYS/BNB 3,768.18 0.0015310000
VCC Exchange SYS/BTC 8,311.55 0.0000031300
Livecoin SYS/BTC 382.08 0.0000031000
CoinEx SYS/BCH 164,169.00 0.0001072700
CoinEx SYS/BTC 83,145.00 0.0000031222
Sistemkoin SYS/TRY 13,281.70 0.1289840000
Sistemkoin SYS/BTC 7,619.66 0.0000031400
Sistemkoin SYS/ETH 3,184.14 0.0001566800
YoBit SYS/DOGE 0.00 6.1118886100
Upbit SYS/BTC 470.48 0.0000027100
AEX SYS/BTC 13.98 0.0000032700
YoBit SYS/WAVES 0.35 0.0172536500
Upbit Indonesia SYS/BTC 549.88 0.0000027100
YoBit SYS/BTC 0.00 0.0000015500
YoBit SYS/RUR 0.09 0.7851494000


Syscoin was created as a blockchain protocol that expanded on the concepts of Bitcoin to include additional services, like smart contracts, to enable the creation of a decentralized marketplace. The project launched in 2014 as a fork of the Litecoin network. Soon after the completion of a token sale and launched the network its funds were allegedly stolen by the operators of Moolah, the exchange that held the proceeds of the sale. Over the next two years, the team worked to build Syscoin 2.0, which was launched in May 2016. The launch of the 2.0 network included a new graphical interface and wallet, replacing the previous command line interface. In Aug. 2017, the Syscoin team created Blockchain Foundry as a separate entity to help realize their goal of creating a marketplace platform. In Sept. 2017, Blockchain Foundry released its first product Blockmarket, a blockchain based e-commerce solution. Follow the successful launch of Blockmarket Blockchain Foundry raised $3.3 million to continue developing Syscoin and explore other blockchain technologies. While the current focus of Blockchain Foundry is the development of Syscoin there is a chance it eventually moves away from the company leaving the team with a lack of funding. In order to help build the marketplace platform originally imagined Blockchain Foundry was created by the development team and launched its first product, Blockmarket, in Sept. 2017. In Dec. 2017, following the launch of Blockmarket, Blockchain Foundry received private equity funding of $3.3 million to continue development of Syscoin and expand into new segments. On April 30, 2018, Syscoin released an upgrade to the network (3.0) which includes the ability to create unique fungible and non-fungible tokens on top of the blockchain. Syscoin 4.0 involves a number of changes including: Z-DAG - a decentralized DAG for assets which features global sorting of DAG consensus and near-instant transactions, with SHA256 finality also achieved in background and Bridge - cross-chain asset interoperability without requiring atomic swap nor intermediaries, that offers scalability to Ethereum and other platforms, giving ERC20's, etc, the option to utilize Z-DAG for simple value transfers/micro-transactions



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