Storj (STORJ)

$0.131811 (-7.57%)

CMC# Market Cap (USD) Volume (24hr) Circulating Supply NVTS Change (7d) Change (24h) Savings Per 1K
158 $17,898,300.00 $875,423.00 135,787,000 STORJ 175 -7.57% 0.34% $9.98

Exchange Pair Volume (24h) Price
Binance STORJ/BTC 204,523.00 0.0000161400
Upbit STORJ/KRW 76,321.00 155.0000000000
Binance STORJ/ETH 17,692.21 0.0007281000
Huobi Global STORJ/USDT 50,994.00 0.1311000000
Bittrex STORJ/BTC 20,303.00 0.0000160500
Upbit STORJ/BTC 20,294.00 0.0000160500
Huobi Global STORJ/BTC 14,560.80 0.0000159900
Idax STORJ/BTC 24,517.00 0.0000160900
Poloniex STORJ/BTC 6,382.49 0.0000159900
XT STORJ/USDT 46,507.00 0.1311000000
XT STORJ/SXC 46,188.00 0.9347000000
BitAsset STORJ/USDT 61,701.00 0.1315000000
OKEx STORJ/USDT 5,648.13 0.1314000000
OKEx STORJ/ETH 3,029.31 0.0007300000
CoinTiger STORJ/BTC 14,779.31 0.0000160100
Idax STORJ/ETH 4,940.17 0.0007316800 STORJ/BTC 16.78 0.0000159400 STORJ/USDT 357.80 0.1309000000
Livecoin STORJ/BTC 263.91 0.0000163200
CoinBene STORJ/BTC 358,073.00 0.0000160900
HitBTC STORJ/BTC 9.07 0.0000160980
HitBTC STORJ/USD 0.80 0.1312900000
ABCC STORJ/BTC 1,669,324.00 0.0000160000
Coinplace STORJ/BTC 24,971.00 0.0000389000
Huobi Korea STORJ/USDT 0.00 0.1311000000
Ethfinex STJ/BTC 1,175.71 0.0000153900
YoBit STORJ/BTC 6.14 0.0000158800 STORJ/BTC 1.77 0.0000122200 STORJ/ETH 95.47 0.0007620000
HitBTC STORJ/ETH 0.36 0.0007222900
Ethfinex STJ/ETH 8.98 0.0007256800
Ethfinex STJ/USD 2.95 0.1340500000
Upbit Indonesia STORJ/BTC 127,786.00 0.0000160500
Uniswap STORJ/ETH 5,158.90 0.0007306765
FinanceX STORJ/BTC 0.00 0.0000155200
OKEx Korea STORJ/USDT 0.00 0.1314000000
OKEx Korea STORJ/ETH 0.00 0.0007300000
YoBit STORJ/USD 0.00 0.1317218400
Livecoin STORJ/ETH 0.00 0.0000000000
YoBit STORJ/WAVES 0.00 0.1479047500
YoBit STORJ/RUR 0.00 7.9000000000
YoBit STORJ/DOGE 0.00 54.0680665900
YoBit STORJ/ETH 0.00 0.0007106100
Idex STORJ/ETH 0.00 0.0004208758
ForkDelta STORJ/ETH 540.75 0.0005001100
FinanceX STORJ/VND 0.00 2,469.0000000000
FinanceX STORJ/IDR 0.00 2,000.0000000000


Storj is a distributed cloud storage platform that connects users needing to store files with others that have excess hard drive space available. The project aims to provide a more secure and efficient model compared to existing centralized services by using techniques like clientside encryption and sharding. The network relies on two open source applications: StorjShare and Bridge. StorjShare allows users, known as farmers, to rent out excess storage space while Bridge is the application used by those that wish to purchase this space. Transactions are completed using the STORJ token but, the platform has the flexibility to use other payment methods like bitcoin, ether, or fiat currencies. By distributing file storage across a diverse set of nodes, Storj believes the platform can reduce impacts from infrastructure failures, security breaches, and unauthorized access while also adding censorship resistance and lower costs.


The core technology of Storj is a peer-to-peer smart contract system that allows users to exchange computer storage for payment. “Clients” on the network purchase excess hard drive space from “farmers,” that set prices for their services via the StorjShare application. Payments are made in STORJ tokens which are used for micropayments between clients and farmers as well as for other network services. To ensure privacy files are encrypted on the client-side before upload and split into smaller portions, known as shards, and spread across the network. Clients maintain the only copy of the encryption key after upload. Over the duration of a contract, the protocol allows clients to check that a farmer still maintains their file and that it is retrievable. If a farmer is able to provide cryptographic proof that a file is on their system they receive payment for that period. If they are unable to provide this proof the client does not pay. These ongoing audits are referred to as a “heartbeat.”

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