Santiment Network Token (SAN)

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165 $16,669,300.00 $11,984.20 62,660,400 SAN 268 6.4% -2.58% -$17.03

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Santiment is a decentralized platform powered by the SAN token that offers data and subscription-based content to market participants. Santiment seeks to reduce new crypto-investor’s barriers to entry, information asymmetry, and fraud in the crypto-asset space providing an reliable, objective feed of consumer sentiment data, market analysis, and on-chain growth. By merging crowd-sourced databases and a panel of experts, Santiment aims to equip young and seasoned crypto-traders with accurate and relevant market information necessary to sound investment decisions. Santiment data divides into three categories: content streams, SANbase, and data feeds. Content streams are subscription-based newsletters with curated research on specific projects or market sectors. This content includes token sale analysis, economic structures, general market research, project due diligence and information regarding the team members. SANbase is a free, native feed that provides daily growth metrics and on-chain data for a variety of different cryptoasset projects (similar to coinmarketcap). SANbase is an analysis page that aggregates insights from social news to promote analytica protocol discussions and a mailing list to signal subscribers of important growth catalysts emerging in the crypto market. Datafeeds, designed primarily for highly active traders, distribute raw financial data on in three categories: network sentiment for a particular protocol or industry sector, blockchain behavior as a proxy for community trends, and “crowdsourced” feeds aggregating trend data.


Santiment’s native SAN token is an ERC20 Token on the Ethereum blockchain. Santiment’s basic content streams can only be purchased with fiat, bitcoin or ether, but all other Santiment services are denominated and purchased using the SAN token. SAN serves three primary functions for the network. As a means of payment, SAN must be purchased to access premium data feeds. Most basic level data feeds can be purchased through the subscription avenue, however highly demanded metadata sets tend to be auctioned off to the largest bidder. SAN tokens can also be staked to receive access to Santiment services. Institutional partners can stake large amounts of SAN in exchange for Santiment content to distribute to anyone. For example, a crypto exchange could stake SAN on behalf of its users, giving them free access to information and resources that will promote more profitable trades, creating a stronger feedback loop for all parties involved. Lastly, individuals can earn SAN by contributing high-quality data to the Santiment network. This incentivizes users to publish new, relevant content on Santiment, which is then compiled into the crowdsourced data feeds. Through coordinating efforts by the Santiment team, SANbase draws from both machine-to-machine data feeds, and Santiment crowdsourced content to provide a bundled and comprehensive visualization of the current market. SANbase marketing targets professional crypto-traders/investors, newcomers to the crypto-space, data hubs (e.g. crypto exchanges), and asset management platforms. SANbase recieves large amounts of crowdsourced data, but the initial research, framework, and due diligence is done by the Santiment team of purported experts is also invaluable.

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