$0.224732 (3.4%)

CMC# Market Cap (USD) Volume (24hr) Circulating Supply NVTS Change (7d) Change (24h) Savings Per 1K
3 $9,730,880,000.00 $1,136,620,000.00 43,299,900,000 XRP -- 3.4% 0.88% -$7.64

Exchange Pair Volume (24h) Price
Binance XRP/USDT 54,220,044.00 0.2935000000
Upbit XRP/KRW 24,180,894.00 348.0000000000
Coinbase Pro XRP/USD 20,022,207.00 0.2946000000
Bitfinex XRP/USD 2,829,215.00 0.2934700000
Bitstamp XRP/USD 10,154,788.00 0.2940300000
Binance XRP/BTC 17,444,686.00 0.0000251500
Bitfinex XRP/BTC 275,681.00 0.0000251400
ZBG XRP/USDT 6,743,636.00 0.2939300000
Bithumb XRP/KRW 15,627,463.00 346.6000000000
Bitbank XRP/JPY 6,939,176.00 31.1850000000
Coinone XRP/KRW 6,411,082.00 347.3000000000
Kraken XRP/USD 3,698,491.00 0.2942500000
FTX XRP/USDT 211,345.00 0.2936000000
FTX XRP/USD 256,324.00 0.2943750000
OKEx XRP/USDT 10,044,853.00 0.2936000000
ZB XRP/USDT 12,909,334.00 0.2936000000
Kraken XRP/EUR 1,847,572.00 0.2495300000
BigONE XRP/USDT 12,208,661.00 0.2935300000
Currency.com XRP/BTC 17,030.93 0.0000251300
BtcTurk PRO XRP/TRY 4,713,517.00 2.1470000000
Bitstamp XRP/EUR 1,472,064.00 0.2490500000
Liquid XRP/JPY 1,738,838.00 31.1110000000
BTCMarkets XRP/AUD 382,692.00 0.4108000000
Binance US XRP/USD 1,840,601.00 0.2940000000
Currency.com XRP/USD 112,827.00 0.2936900000
KuCoin XRP/USDT 2,587,191.00 0.2939800000
LBank XRP/USDT 9,590,960.00 0.2934100000
BW.com XRP/USDT 5,072,983.00 0.2934000000
Coinbase Pro XRP/BTC 1,568,210.00 0.0000251600
Coinbase Pro XRP/EUR 1,057,311.00 0.2494000000
OKEx XRP/BTC 2,526,878.00 0.0000251400
GMO Japan XRP/JPY 936,437.00 31.1600000000
Coinsbit XRP/BTC 192,048.00 0.0000251700
BitMax XRP/USDT 1,508,663.00 0.2934200000
Bitso XRP/MXN 571,900.00 6.5900000000
CoinTiger XRP/USDT 5,733,742.00 0.2939700000
MXC XRP/USDT 3,364,166.00 0.2933900000
Kraken XRP/XBT 223,016.00 0.0000251900
BitMax XRP/BTC 804,628.00 0.0000251590
Poloniex XRP/BTC 412,002.00 0.0000251500
Binance XRP/BUSD 1,173,681.00 0.2938800000
Bittrex XRP/BTC 669,510.00 0.0000251600
GoPax XRP/KRW 547,972.00 346.9000000000
ZB XRP/QC 4,328,192.00 2.0394000000
BigONE XRP/BTC 2,289,561.00 0.0000251500
KuCoin XRP/BTC 872,434.00 0.0000251600
Poloniex XRP/USDT 631,020.00 0.2939022900
Tokenize XRP/BTC 595,953.00 0.0000251600
Gate.io XRP/USDT 845,401.00 0.2934000000
Paribu XRP/TRY 2,197,175.00 2.1500000000
Bitstamp XRP/BTC 539,354.00 0.0000251700
EXMO XRP/BTC 265,094.00 0.0000251700
EXMO XRP/USDT 200,107.00 0.2938323400
BKEX XRP/BTC 3,438,677.00 0.0000251400
Korbit XRP/KRW 937,992.00 347.5000000000
EXMO XRP/USD 867,069.00 0.2933665700
Hotbit XRP/USDT 2,439,029.00 0.2938550000
OKEx XRP/ETH 654,310.00 0.0007460000
Binance XRP/USDC 298,729.00 0.2937100000
Binance US XRP/USDT 177,694.00 0.2934500000
Bittrex XRP/USD 222,439.00 0.2949000000
Coinbase Pro XRP/GBP 812,292.00 0.2250000000
BtcTurk PRO XRP/USDT 1,010,193.00 0.2932000000
EXMO XRP/ETH 26,564.00 0.0007466900
AEX XRP/CNC 882,388.00 2.0340000000
Binance XRP/ETH 1,112,813.00 0.0007458000
Indodax XRP/IDR 340,992.00 4,322.0000000000
Phemex XRP/USDT 1,429,657.00 0.2938900000
Kraken XRP/USDT 37,717.00 0.2940300000
Bittrex XRP/USDT 230,705.00 0.2937071300
CEX.IO XRP/USD 404,958.00 0.2960100000
Tokenize XRP/ETH 608,840.00 0.0007459500
Bitforex XRP/BTC 1,895,172.00 0.0000251300
Tokenize XRP/USD 981,114.00 0.2930000000
Binance XRP/TUSD 144,922.00 0.2937100000
AAX XRP/BTC 100,911.00 0.0000251400
EXMO XRP/RUB 218,055.00 21.1372690000
Gate.io XRP/BTC 34,360.00 0.0000251400
Bitkub XRP/THB 244,670.00 9.1600000000
Binance XRP/EUR 338,273.00 0.2513500000
Bittrex XRP/ETH 39,452.00 0.0007459500
BiKi XRP/USDT 655,818.00 0.2937400000
CEX.IO XRP/EUR 255,975.00 0.2498400000
ProBit XRP/KRW 1,857,033.00 347.0000000000
Kraken XRP/ETH 41,395.00 0.0007473000
Coindeal XRP/BTC 664,383.00 0.0000251600
BTC-Alpha XRP/BTC 1,748,290.00 0.0000251700
Binance XRP/TRY 88,193.00 2.1510000000
Bitstamp XRP/GBP 170,715.00 0.2258200000
Bitforex XRP/ETH 1,791,392.00 0.0007470800
BitMart XRP/USDT 1,577,314.00 0.2939000000
Currency.com XRP/EUR 1,558.47 0.2486800000
Binance XRP/GBP 28,253.00 0.2269100000
Binance US XRP/BTC 85,149.00 0.0000251600
ZB XRP/BTC 500,761.00 0.0000251500
WhiteBIT XRP/USDT 1,452,670.00 0.2934700000
CEX.IO XRP/USDT 245,893.00 0.2942000000
CEX.IO XRP/GBP 258,798.00 0.2261100000
BiKi XRP/BTC 40,056.00 0.0000251600
Tokenize XRP/SGD 170,375.00 0.4017000000


XRP began as an open source project to enable efficient direct transfers of money between parties using a permissioned shared public ledger. Ripple Inc completed the initial protocol development and subsequently released it as open source using the ISC license. Ripple Inc has continued as the primary contributor to project since its release. With ongoing efforts and funds dedicated to supporting other parties contributions to the protocols enhancement. This support was formalized with the xPring initiative announced in May 2018. xPring is a dedicated team responsible for using Ripple Inc’s resources to grow the XRP ecosystem. After the initial release of the XRP protocol, Ripple Inc focused its efforts on getting financial institutions to use the ledger to process remittances. Given their substantial volume and high fees charged by incumbent payment processors dominating the market at the time. Entering the cross border payments market led to regulatory scrutiny with FinCEN fining Ripple Inc for violating the bank secrecy act in 2015. As part of the remedial plan related to the fine, Ripple Inc agreed to enhance the anti-money laundering capabilities of the XRP protocol and stricter permissioning requirements were added for additional participants to join the network. To further enhance the credibility of XRP as a partner for traditional financial institutions, Ripple Inc obtained a virtual currency license from the State of New York in 2016. The upside of these enhancements and engagement with regulators was it gave XRP the capability to more deeply integrate with the traditional financial system. Evolving its functionality and allowing it to act as a settlement system with no central operator. SBI Holdings set up a subsidiary, SBI Ripple Asia, dedicated to bringing this vision to Japan. Were over 60 banks controlling over 80% of banking assets in Japan have joined the consortium using the XRP protocol for this purpose. Recent Ripple Inc. efforts have focused on expanding XRPs capabilities for functionally specific purposes. xCurrent is a messaging solution enabling banks to initiate and confirm cross-border payments with each other. xRapid – Seeks to lower the capital requirements needed to effectively function in developing markets. xVia – Enables seamless sending of global invoices.


XRP's foundation is a shared public ledger used by network participants to exchange value globally. A super majority of validators is required for the network to arrive at consensus to validate transactions initiated across the network. Because of the existence of multiple validators the project should be able to survive the loss of its original sponsor, Ripple Inc, if something where to happen to it. One of XRP’s first initiatives was to build the bitcoin bridge to link Ripplenet to the Bitcoin network. The bridge allows XRP users to conduct transactions directly in bitcoin without independently acquiring them by making it possible to make payments in bitcoin directly from their XRP account using other assets such as the XRP token. Ripple Inc, has focused on integrating user verification protocols so network participants are able to define which users they trust and how much they trust them. This has the effect of causing transactions to “ripple” across the network. Because if two users without a direct relationship initiate a transaction across the network. It ripples outward finding a path linking the users together from their trusted relationships to complete the transaction. Similar to how hawala financing systems function off line. For users just getting started, Ripple Inc., maintains a unique node list users can select by default representing validators with a history of reliably operating on the XRP network. Cross currency transactions typically take 3 – 5 seconds to process across the ledger. Once initiated, XRP’s path finding algorithm identifies the quickest least expensive way to complete the transaction. Because XRP operates as a permissioned distributed ledger, once completed, transactions are irreversible. Generally, for the path finding algorithm to work optimally, a large number of market makers need to be operating on the network so sufficient liquidity is available to efficiently complete transactions. To encourage development of a robust ecosystem around the ledger, XRP maintains a variety of APIs to help nodes and other third parties interact with it based on the REST API standard. Leading to invoicing and wallet solutions so businesses can incorporate it as a payment option for their customers.

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