$0.05089 (-5.78%)

CMC# Market Cap (USD) Volume (24hr) Circulating Supply NVTS Change (7d) Change (24h) Savings Per 1K
149 $17,811,300.00 $111,249.00 350,000,000 QASH 75 -5.78% -0.83% $2.94

Exchange Pair Volume (24h) Price
AEX QASH/CNC 551,089.00 0.3680000000
Liquid QASH/BTC 9,609.71 0.0000072800
Liquid QASH/JPY 13,737.99 5.6799900000
Liquid QASH/USD 487.48 0.0519400000
Huobi Global QASH/BTC 5,555.88 0.0000071900
Hanbitco QASH/BTC 12,827.65 0.0000072000
Liquid XRP/QASH 827.93 4.2142800000
Huobi Global QASH/ETH 2,098.42 0.0003600000
Liquid ETN/QASH 116.65 0.0740000000
Livecoin QASH/BTC 149.32 0.0000071600
Hotbit QASH/ETH 25,267.00 0.0003560000
Hotbit QASH/BTC 17,113.55 0.0000070600
Liquid QASH/ETH 278.62 0.0003669900
Huobi Korea QASH/BTC 249.68 0.0000071900
Huobi Korea QASH/ETH 0.00 0.0003600000 QASH/USDT 703.87 0.0510000000
Liquid QASH/SGD 14.79 0.0701100000
Liquid QASH/EUR 23.90 0.0465700000
Liquid QASH/AUD 27.24 0.0761900000
Liquid CRPT/QASH 20,630.00 7.3873029800
Bitfinex QSH/USD 594.89 0.0491030000 QASH/ETH 852.32 0.0003520000 QASH/BTC 32.26 0.0000072300
Bitfinex QSH/BTC 9.99 0.0000066000
Bitfinex QSH/ETH 9.42 0.0003202200
GoPax QASH/KRW 47.33 55.5000000000
Liquid DENT/QASH 0.00 0.1000000000
Liquid ONT/QASH 0.00 8.0746730000
Idex QASH/ETH 0.00 0.0003060924
Liquid ECH/QASH 0.00 0.0007400000
Liquid KRL/QASH 0.00 0.9950000000
Liquid WIN/QASH 0.00 0.2499999800
Liquid CMCT/QASH 0.00 0.0009927200
Liquid FTT/QASH 0.00 0.0016999900
Liquid AMLT/QASH 0.00 0.0969000000
Liquid DACS/QASH 0.00 0.0100000000



Qash is the native token for a large suite of products that Quoine is hoping to develop. Quoine is a licensed crypto exchange based in Japan with operations dating back to 2014. The team developed QASH in attempt to increase liquidity in the token markets and create a more institutional focused platform. Quoine believes that their token can build a global network of liquidity by acting as a base asset and incentivizing external exchanges to participate by rewarding them with QASH. The token will also be used to pay for various services on the platform. Quoine describes its target market for this product as “underserved markets”; small markets that in isolation are not yet big enough to support a liquid token. Using the platform’s Worldbook system, small exchanges can place an order which will then be exchanged and transferred across QUOINE’s network of order books. This will provide access to tokens that would previously have been unavailable to clients of small institutions due to capital requirements. In a sense, it functions as a cross-exchange exchange, in a similar way to how Polkadot is looking to be a cross-blockchain exchange. A larger suite of financial products will be built through the Prime Brokerage, which will provide ancillary services to institutions. This platform is purported to provide value to users by reducing counterparty risk, increasing capital efficiency, and netting token positions. The exchange will assume all counterparty risk on the part of consumers, and the liquid platform will reduce fees and improve capital efficiency by allowing instant trade among parties. The alternative would be a roundabout process requiring multiple trades. This brokerage will also include direct market access to various exchanges and fiat money management for customers looking to make their first investments. In total, Quoine is looking to create a comprehensive suite of cryptocurrency financial services that will ultimately drive usage of its QASH token.



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