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Power Ledger (POWR)

$0.056759 (-0.19%)

CMC# Market Cap (USD) Volume (24hr) Circulating Supply NVTS Change (7d) Change (24h) Savings Per 1K
141 $23,524,000.00 $1,060,500.00 414,454,000 POWR 76 -0.19% 3.65% $0.11

Exchange Pair Volume (24h) Price
Binance POWR/BTC 388,668.00 0.0000056000
Bittrex POWR/BTC 38,709.00 0.0000055900
Upbit POWR/KRW 121,935.00 68.9000000000
Binance POWR/ETH 20,118.00 0.0003055500
BTCMarkets POWR/AUD 13,714.41 0.0841000000
BX Thailand POW/THB 20,021.00 1.7944862200
Bittrex POWR/ETH 1,593.73 0.0003060000
KuCoin POWR/ETH 2,412.53 0.0003036000
Upbit POWR/BTC 38,701.00 0.0000055900
HitBTC POWR/BTC 3,803.73 0.0000056010
Bitrue POWR/BTC 5,956.51 0.0000056100
Huobi Korea POWR/BTC 314.80 0.0000056100
Huobi Global POWR/BTC 51,736.00 0.0000056100
Bitrue POWR/ETH 622.80 0.0003055600
Digifinex POWR/BTC 38,751.00 0.0000055700
Huobi Global POWR/ETH 7,201.89 0.0003051500
KuCoin POWR/BTC 4,358.11 0.0000055800
Upbit POWR/ETH 1,591.05 0.0003060000
Digifinex POWR/ETH 4,849.63 0.0003031900
HitBTC POWR/ETH 6.87 0.0003052200
Dex-Trade POWR/BTC 18.06 0.0000056300
Gate.io POWR/USDT 479.08 0.0589000000
Atomars POWR/ETH 44.00 0.0003055600
Dex-Trade POWR/ETH 1.25 0.0003055600
LATOKEN POWR/BTC 232,122.00 0.0000056000
LATOKEN POWR/ETH 77,810.00 0.0003044400
Kyber Network POWR/ETH 2,484.24 0.0003049305
Livecoin POWR/BTC 339.12 0.0000054300
Bitsdaq POWR/BTC 38,718.00 0.0000055900
P2PB2B POWR/BTC 5,456.65 0.0000056000
AlterDice POWR/BTC 2,445.36 0.0000055600
Bancor Network POWR/BNT 1,964.99 0.1504269083
Bitsdaq POWR/ETH 1,591.05 0.0003060000
Atomars POWR/BTC 626.11 0.0000055800
LocalTrade POWR/ETH 350.58 0.0003035700
AlterDice POWR/ETH 271.15 0.0003055600
P2PB2B POWR/ETH 240.72 0.0003062300
LocalTrade POWR/USD 230.36 0.0564062100
Binance POWR/BNB 2,333.71 0.0020900000
Bithumb POWR/KRW 35,932.00 69.0000000000
Huobi Korea POWR/ETH 0.00 0.0003064500
LocalTrade POWR/USDT 0.00 0.0549122600
LocalTrade POWR/BTC 0.00 0.0000051000
Gate.io POWR/ETH 6.09 0.0002920000
Gate.io POWR/BTC 133.25 0.0000052700
Coinzest POWR/KRW 8.22 142.0000000000
BTCMarkets POWR/BTC 0.00 0.0000058600
Idex POWR/ETH 0.00 0.0002931990
Coinplace POWR/BTC 14,299.60 0.0000093400
Livecoin POWR/ETH 0.00 0.0000000000
Atomars POWR/USDT 0.00 0.1096380000
Dex-Trade POWR/USDT 0.00 0.1096380000


Power ledger is building a platform where users can contribute or consumer clean energy resources across the network. Pegged to local currencies and convertible to cash, the platform aims to focus on individuals in high density and urban environments. Unlike centrally managed power systems, these decentralized energy resources are not powered by one central provider, potentially creating a more competitive environment and preventing the potential for complete system shut downs. The team believes that by building this blockchain enabled peer-to-peer energy platform, they can reinvent energy markets. They intend to have a wide menu of energy applications including ones that can give retailers or users the ability to simply trade electricity with one and another in real time. Long term, the team envisions an application that will allow for shared ownership of energy assets as well as autonomous energy agents that will automatically disperse energy that is acquired. Power Ledger operates on two blockchain layers and uses two tokens, POWR and Sparkz. The POWR token is an ERC20 token that can operate on the Ethereum network. Sparkz, on the other hand, is purchased and redeemed using fiat currencies within individual trading platforms that have closed-loop exchanges for energy and Sparkz. In the system, the POWR tokens are the protocol tokens used to access the Power Ledger platform, as well as interact with the Sparkz token directly. Sparkz tokens are stable and pegged to local currency. As the Sparkz tokens are a closed loop internal token, they can move instantly with banking overheads to allow for timely micro energy transactions. In the future, the team expects that application hosts such as property managers, utilities and retailers will demand the POWR tokens as their platforms grow and they will need the Sparkz to power the platform.



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