Power Ledger (POWR)

$0.190733 (21.36%)

CMC# Market Cap (USD) Volume (24hr) Circulating Supply NVTS Change (7d) Change (24h) Savings Per 1K
321 $83,423,900.00 $7,470,050.00 437,386,000 POWR -- 21.36% -1.61% -$40.74

Exchange Pair Volume (24h) Price
Upbit POWR/KRW 4,829,240.00 222.0000000000
Binance POWR/BTC 710,506.00 0.0000050100
Bithumb POWR/KRW 154,928.00 221.6000000000
Bitrue POWR/ETH 11,807.17 0.0000837200
Digifinex POWR/BTC 65,166.00 0.0000049400
Bitkub POW/THB 283,023.00 6.2500000000
Binance POWR/ETH 139,679.00 0.0000854300
Bittrex POWR/ETH 5,170.29 0.0000845700
Bittrex POWR/BTC 12,409.53 0.0000049300
Uniswap (v2) 0X595832F8FC6BF59C85C527FEC3740A1B7A361269/ETH 35,313.00 0.0000844706
BTCMarkets POWR/AUD 59,773.00 0.2641000000
Bitrue POWR/BTC 23,616.00 0.0000049100
Huobi Global POWR/BTC 10,121.79 0.0000049100
LATOKEN POWR/BTC 22,184.00 0.0000049000
KuCoin POWR/BTC 4,430.03 0.0000049400
Gate.io POWR/USDT 29,899.00 0.1932000000
Dex-Trade POWR/BTC 13,127.38 0.0000048900
Huobi Global POWR/ETH 7,354.67 0.0000839600
LATOKEN POWR/ETH 3,586.68 0.0000855300
Gate.io POWR/ETH 29,375.00 0.0000840000
P2PB2B POWR/BTC 77,151.00 0.0000049100
Dex-Trade POWR/ETH 3,189.41 0.0000844300
Gate.io POWR/BTC 31,802.00 0.0000049130
CoinEx POWR/USDT 5,025.45 0.1946050000
P2PB2B POWR/ETH 31,540.00 0.0000841900
KuCoin POWR/ETH 2,735.59 0.0000845000
Dove Wallet POWR/ETH 221.03 0.0000854700
Dove Wallet POWR/KRW 225.50 224.5600000000
Dove Wallet POWR/USDT 59.26 0.1944830000
HitBTC POWR/BTC 40.02 0.0000049550
HitBTC POWR/ETH 8.76 0.0000855400
NiceHash POWR/BTC 262.68 0.0000050000
Sushiswap 0X595832F8FC6BF59C85C527FEC3740A1B7A361269/ETH 556.90 0.0000859982
Dove Wallet POWR/TUSD 0.06 0.1951590000
Dove Wallet POWR/USDC 0.08 0.1948920000
Upbit POWR/BTC 724.82 0.0000048700
BitBNS POWR/INR 211.02 14.9900000000
Hotbit POWR/BTC 39,063.00 0.0000049291
Hotbit POWR/ETH 39,633.00 0.0000847600
Dove Wallet POWR/GBP 0.03 0.1354230000
Dove Wallet POWR/PAX 0.01 0.1923940000
Dove Wallet POWR/BTC 39.40 0.0000050300
Dove Wallet POWR/EUR 0.07 0.1641740000
Upbit Indonesia POWR/BTC 1,710.06 0.0000048700
1inch 0X595832F8FC6BF59C85C527FEC3740A1B7A361269/ETH 2,913.06 0.0000812449
Huobi Korea POWR/BTC 88.40 0.0000049700
Paraswap 0X595832F8FC6BF59C85C527FEC3740A1B7A361269/ETH 55.65 0.0000847722


Power ledger is building a platform where users can contribute or consumer clean energy resources across the network. Pegged to local currencies and convertible to cash, the platform aims to focus on individuals in high density and urban environments. Unlike centrally managed power systems, these decentralized energy resources are not powered by one central provider, potentially creating a more competitive environment and preventing the potential for complete system shut downs. The team believes that by building this blockchain enabled peer-to-peer energy platform, they can reinvent energy markets. They intend to have a wide menu of energy applications including ones that can give retailers or users the ability to simply trade electricity with one and another in real time. Long term, the team envisions an application that will allow for shared ownership of energy assets as well as autonomous energy agents that will automatically disperse energy that is acquired. Power Ledger operates on two blockchain layers and uses two tokens, POWR and Sparkz. The POWR token is an ERC20 token that can operate on the Ethereum network. Sparkz, on the other hand, is purchased and redeemed using fiat currencies within individual trading platforms that have closed-loop exchanges for energy and Sparkz. In the system, the POWR tokens are the protocol tokens used to access the Power Ledger platform, as well as interact with the Sparkz token directly. Sparkz tokens are stable and pegged to local currency. As the Sparkz tokens are a closed loop internal token, they can move instantly with banking overheads to allow for timely micro energy transactions. In the future, the team expects that application hosts such as property managers, utilities and retailers will demand the POWR tokens as their platforms grow and they will need the Sparkz to power the platform.



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