Populous (PPT)

$0.339571 (-6.54%)

CMC# Market Cap (USD) Volume (24hr) Circulating Supply NVTS Change (7d) Change (24h) Savings Per 1K
354 $18,082,900.00 $4,226,020.00 53,252,200 PPT -- -6.54% 0.39% $22.21

Exchange Pair Volume (24h) Price
Binance PPT/BTC 1,390,811.00 0.0000301500
OKEx PPT/USDT 1,372,324.00 0.3390000000
LATOKEN PPT/BTC 332,605.00 0.0000300600
P2PB2B PPT/BTC 312,163.00 0.0000301000
Bilaxy PPT/BTC 93,027.00 0.0000299800
KuCoin PPT/BTC 18,569.45 0.0000303200
Atomars PPT/BTC 5,973.17 0.0000299500
Bitrue PPT/BTC 401,152.00 0.0000303700
Mercatox PPT/BTC 62,668.00 0.0000306700
Dex-Trade PPT/BTC 26,879.00 0.0000301900
ProBit PPT/KRW 10,272.12 408.0000000000
Livecoin PPT/BTC 310.86 0.0000300200
Vebitcoin PPT/TRY 63,644.00 2.4700000000
CoinBene PPT/BTC 96,090.00 0.0000298000
Mercatox PPT/ETH 171,433.00 0.0008680000
KuCoin PPT/ETH 2,019.65 0.0008681000
Zebitex PPT/BTC 0.33 0.0000298100
HitBTC PPT/BTC 1,630.88 0.0000298900
HitBTC PPT/ETH 371.49 0.0008832000
YoBit PPT/RUR 0.11 27.4003213600
Lykke 98385941-89B3-45C2-AE8E-B64C6F3BBAC9/BTC 0.36 0.0000321200
Zebitex PPT/ETH 0.00 0.0000000000
Zebitex PPT/USDT 0.00 0.0000000000
P2PB2B PPT/ETH 6.63 0.0009220000
YoBit PPT/ETH 0.10 0.0009300600
YoBit PPT/BTC 15.96 0.0000326700
Livecoin PPT/USD 3.96 0.3599900000
Livecoin PPT/ETH 66.43 0.0006510000
Bitrue PPT/ETH 128.73 0.0008100000
ForkDelta PPT/ETH 59.99 0.0009869891
NiceHash PPT/BTC 1.13 0.0000386900
Lykke 98385941-89B3-45C2-AE8E-B64C6F3BBAC9/ETH 0.38 0.0010000000


Populous aims to build a blockchain protocol support a sort of secondary invoice market to enable small- and medium-sized businesses to more efficiently invoice for services rendered. As fees and short-term loan costs for invoice payment processing grow, the Populous team plans to leverage the transparency of a distributed block chain ledger to improve the trail from service to invoice to payment with reduced costs via on-chain smart contracts. Populous also is creating their own in-house credit rating system using Exstensible Business Reporting Language and the Altman Z-Score Formula. Populous believes increasingly secure, sophisticated smart contracts can facilitate less asymmetric service-payment exchange that currently imposes material costs on small businesses via three different actors: administrators, invoice sellers, and invoice buyers. Invoices are created by sellers, scored and either approved or denied by administrators, and made available to buyers if approved. After accepted by buyers, the invoiced services can be rendered and payment offered.


Populous' native token (PPT) is an ERC-20 compliant token used to invest in approved invoices. Once PPT tokens are spent, the spender receives Pokens, a secondary on-chain token that Populous uses to buy an invoice. PPT tokens and Pokens are paid to an invoice investor when the invoice is paid. PPT tokens are exchangeable on all ERC-20 compliant secondary markets for investors who want to invest in invoice smart contracts on the Populous chain. Populous also aims to make PPT tokens convertible to Ethers (ETH) but also major fiat currencies. The team believes increasing the transferability and exchangeability of the PPT token will help scale the invoice market.

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