$1.39646 (9.47%)

CMC# Market Cap (USD) Volume (24hr) Circulating Supply NVTS Change (7d) Change (24h) Savings Per 1K
296 $91,022,200.00 $9,452,860.00 65,180,600 PIVX -- 9.47% 19.77% -$132.24

Exchange Pair Volume (24h) Price
Binance PIVX/BTC 7,150,820.00 0.0000274000
Binance PIVX/ETH 733,450.00 0.0008420000
Bittrex PIVX/BTC 149,338.00 0.0000273700
KuCoin PIVX/BTC 122,394.00 0.0000273700
KuCoin PIVX/ETH 30,780.00 0.0008434000
CoinEx PIVX/USDT 30,572.00 1.3268870000
Bitalong PIVX/BTC 84,810.00 0.0000274800
CREX24 PIVX/BTC 214.75 0.0000275500
CoinEx PIVX/BTC 16,452.29 0.0000273870
KuCoin PIVX/USDT 63,501.00 1.3259000000
Bithumb PIVX/KRW 526,123.00 1,535.0000000000
TradeOgre PIVX/BTC 37.80 0.0000255200
Graviex PIVX/BTC 443.59 0.0000250000
StakeCube Exchange PIVX/BTC 283.09 0.0000277500
StakeCube Exchange PIVX/SCC 0.01 0.8008888900
Graviex PIVX/USDT 10.10 1.9900000000
StakeCube Exchange PIVX/LTC 0.01 0.0050000900
Birake PIVX/BTC 5.00 0.0000198000


PIVX aims to build a digital value transfer network that prioritizes transaction data security and user privacy while minimizing transaction times and fees. PIVX originally launched on January 31, 2016 as Darknet (DNET) and later rebranded to its current name after significant development and community involvement. PIVX's founders are keen on DASH's general architecture but decided to implement a proof-of-stake network, which they believe offers a fairer reward system with a see-saw mechanism to auto-balance reward payouts. PIVX sees privacy as a critical component of a daily means of exchange and set out to combine the “digital cash” ethos of DASH with more advanced privacy and anonymity.


PIVX employs a custom version of the Zerocoin protocol based on the commonly used libzerocoin technology that obfuscate sending and receiving addresses for added privacy. Unlike Dash and Zcash, on-chain PIVX transactions can be completely anonymous. Users need only to convert their standard PIVX tokens into "zPIV" tokens and can then send them to any PIVX address. New blocks are added to the PIVX chain every 60 seconds, on average. A small percentage of each block reward goes to PIVX's self-governance budget. Reward remainders are split between a master node and the staked network participant. Proof-of-stake blockchains like PIVX require participants to stake a portion of their tokens before contributing to the network as a transaction propagator and validator.

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