OMG Network (OMG)

$1.71731 (4.43%)

CMC# Market Cap (USD) Volume (24hr) Circulating Supply NVTS Change (7d) Change (24h) Savings Per 1K
36 $240,844,000.00 $150,359,000.00 140,245,000 OMG -- 4.43% -1.34% -$76.08

Exchange Pair Volume (24h) Price
Coinbase Pro OMG/USD 2,428,598.00 3.1762000000
Bitfinex OMG/USD 683,636.00 3.1788000000
Decoin OMG/BTC 1,194,342.00 0.0002655000
HitBTC OMG/BTC 1,632,124.00 0.0002645600
Upbit OMG/KRW 827,930.00 3,630.0000000000
Bitfinex OMG/BTC 397,853.00 0.0002654000
Binance OMG/USDT 3,498,446.00 3.1499000000
Huobi Global OMG/USDT 3,184,103.00 3.1699000000
Bithumb OMG/KRW 463,394.00 3,625.0000000000
Binance OMG/BTC 2,028,503.00 0.0002642000
Coinbase Pro OMG/EUR 861,916.00 2.6890000000
Coinbase Pro OMG/GBP 340,082.00 2.4577000000
Kraken OMG/EUR 280,014.00 2.6725460000
Nominex OMG/USDT 25,408.00 3.1684000000
Binance US OMG/USD 150,987.00 3.1602000000
HitBTC OMG/USD 2,612,471.00 3.1623580000
Coinbase Pro OMG/BTC 406,388.00 0.0002645900
MXC OMG/USDT 1,464,628.00 3.1608800000
Huobi Global OMG/BTC 309,160.00 0.0002650000
MXC OMG/BTC 892,917.00 0.0002657000
AEX OMG/CNC 1,445,502.00 21.0800000000
Kraken OMG/USD 191,404.00 3.1702950000
Nominex OMG/BTC 12,689.04 0.0002648000
Decoin OMG/USDT 895,990.00 3.1709000000
HitBTC OMG/ETH 250,590.00 0.0085887000
Bilaxy OMG/USDT 3,524,127.00 3.1740000000
Bitfinex OMG/ETH 19,179.92 0.0085932000 OMG/USDT 58,425.00 3.1818000000
CoinTiger OMG/ETH 7,408.80 0.0085640000
CoinTiger OMG/USDT 55,050.00 3.1636000000
BKEX OMG/USDT 1,649,968.00 3.1696000000
Kraken OMG/XBT 96,383.00 0.0002650260
Nominex OMG/ETH 1,525.87 0.0085820000 OMG/BTC 21,563.00 0.0002670000
Binance OMG/ETH 228,693.00 0.0085830000
Bitforex OMG/USDT 1,994,491.00 3.1680000000
Bittrex OMG/BTC 71,157.00 0.0002665300 OMG/USDT 603,439.00 3.1610000000
Binance US OMG/BUSD 10,108.99 3.1573000000
Kraken OMG/ETH 6,225.62 0.0085143600
P2PB2B OMG/USD 24,186.00 3.1681000000
P2PB2B OMG/USDT 35,858.00 3.1681000000
WhiteBIT OMG/USD 1,020,186.00 3.1696000000
CoinTiger OMG/BTC 5,971.69 0.0002635100
Hotbit OMG/USDT 123,928.00 3.1551000600
Hotbit OMG/BTC 168,255.00 0.0002641500
P2PB2B OMG/BTC 52,515.00 0.0002657000
NovaDAX OMG/BRL 20,691.00 17.8475000000
AAX OMG/USDT 175,620.00 3.1940000000
BiKi OMG/USDT 303,175.00 3.1701000000
CoinEx OMG/USDT 62,499.00 3.1597000000
P2PB2B OMG/ETH 62,639.00 0.0085930000
Huobi Global OMG/ETH 59,614.00 0.0085990000
BitMart OMG/BTC 813,607.00 0.0002653100
LATOKEN OMG/BTC 74,907.00 0.0002656000 OMG/CRO 28,952.00 29.9810000000
Oceanex OMG/VET 440,066.00 290.4500000000
LATOKEN OMG/USDT 107,903.00 3.1702000000
Hotbit OMG/ETH 78,789.00 0.0085589000
WazirX OMG/USDT 1,696.88 3.1515000000
WhiteBIT OMG/ETH 294,105.00 0.0085930000
ExMarkets OMG/BTC 516,961.00 0.0002649800
Uniswap (v2) 0XD26114CD6EE289ACCF82350C8D8487FEDB8A0C07/ETH 161,812.00 0.0086079476
WhiteBIT OMG/BTC 643,994.00 0.0002653000
ExMarkets OMG/ETH 361,015.00 0.0085841400
EXMO OMG/BTC 33,637.00 0.0002642700
Coinmetro OMG/EUR 0.00 2.6768677249
WhiteBIT OMG/USDT 35,708.00 3.1696000000
EXMO OMG/USD 40,714.00 3.1779489700
Oceanex OMG/USDT 141,650.00 3.1556000000
ProBit OMG/KRW 377,551.00 3,623.0000000000
ProBit OMG/USDT 371,699.00 3.1670000000
AlterDice OMG/USD 2,357.29 3.1751000000
ProBit OMG/BTC 226,817.00 0.0002653000
ExMarkets OMG/USDT 166,635.00 3.1645000000
CoinEx OMG/ETH 24,428.00 0.0085782100
AAX OMG/BTC 113,347.00 0.0002630000
KuCoin OMG/BTC 17,142.98 0.0002645900
Dex-Trade OMG/USDT 1,073.28 3.1675000000
KuCoin OMG/ETH 10,257.57 0.0085367000
AlterDice OMG/ETH 154.01 0.0086080000
Tokpie OMG/USDC 49,646.00 3.1500000000
Dex-Trade OMG/BTC 582.27 0.0002659000
Tokpie OMG/ETH 22,144.00 0.0085200000
BITEXBOOK OMG/BTC 29.28 0.0002659100
Atomars OMG/USDT 8,279.34 3.1671000000
Atomars OMG/BTC 4,719.78 0.0002658000
Atomars OMG/ETH 785.71 0.0086140000
Zebitex OMG/ETH 1.02 0.0085324100
Digifinex OMG/USDT 4,845,910.00 3.1667000000 Exchange OMG/BTC 1,632,124.00 0.0002645600
VCC Exchange OMG/USDT 2,080,864.00 3.1604000000
Digifinex OMG/BTC 669,357.00 0.0002653000
VCC Exchange OMG/BTC 750,301.00 0.0002648000
Indoex OMG/ETH 1,568,111.00 0.0085911200
Resfinex OMG/USDT 18,177.16 3.1716000000 Exchange OMG/USD 2,615,412.00 3.1651010000
Indoex OMG/BTC 2,077,328.00 0.0002659900
C2CX OMG/BTC 9,086.98 0.0002650000
CoinAll OMG/BTC 2.90 0.0002651000


OmiseGO is working to provide the infrastructure for decentralized financial services on the Ethereum blockchain. The project plans to offer a proof-of-stake based blockchain and a white-label software development kit (SDK) that can be used to create custom financial products for users. OmiseGO aims to provide the underlying network which includes features like e-wallet services, a decentralized exchange, liquidity mechanisms, and clearinghouse services. Using these technologies the team hopes to allow developers to offer traditional banking services including payments, remittances, payroll deposits, business-to-business services, supply-chain finance, loyalty programs, asset management, and asset trading. The project was launched by the venture-backed payment services provide Omise, which was founded in 2013. Omise created the platform to address the un-banked and under-banked populations of Southeast Asia where it operates. Token holders own and operate the platform which remains a distinct entity from the rest of Omise’s operations. Using blockchain technology, the team plans to address the fundamental issue of transferring money, or value, between individuals and across various banking systems. Allowing developers to create multiple independent financial products on a single blockchain can remove intermediaries, increase speed of payments, and provide overall more secure and efficient services. OmiseGO is focused on building the back-end of the network that can power future applications. Essential to this is the plan for a decentralized exchange that can automatically convert between a variety of digital assets, including cryptoassets and fiat backed tokens, and blockchains. This should allow users to seamlessly transact in whichever payment method they typically use. Using the provided SDK developers will be able to create a user interface that is compatible across a variety of legacy and blockchain based technologies.


OmiseGO is building a second layer blockchain on top of the Ethereum network using Plasma architecture. Plasma is an emerging technology that hopes to allow developers to create a series of smart contracts that run on top of the main Ethereum blockchain. The OmiseGO blockchain will be comprised of a decentralized exchange, liquidity provider mechanism, clearinghouse messaging network and asset-backed blockchain gateway. The project imagines its blockchain as a scalable and public (permissionless) blockchain using proof-of-stake consensus. The majority of activity, including settlement and clearing, will occur on the OmiseGO blockchain while the underlying Ethereum network will be used to record the blockchain state. This will potentially allow the project to adopt cross-blockchain compatibility at the second layer. For example, Bitcoin transactions can be facilitated via a clearinghouse network on the Lightning Network. The role of the OmiseGO (OMG) token is to provide computation and enforcement. Validators on the network are required to stake OMG in order to participate, and receive transaction fees in return for their services. Any improper activity, including deviation from consensus rules, from a validator will result in their staked tokens being burned on the OMG blockchain. While not as robust as Ethereum’s network, the OmiseGO network allows for near instantaneous clearing and settlement of activity orchestrated on the OmiseGO blockchain without full-node validation. The OmiseGO blockchain ensures the validator activity also may be enforced on the Ethereum blockchain via native smart contracts. OmiseGO’s trading engine is built into the OMG blockchain, ensuring that orders are published and matches are performed as part of every block once a matched order has reached a sufficient number of validation confirmations. This aims to allow OmiseGo to create a non-custodial decentralized exchange that can ensure interoperability between different services built on the platform. In addition to the core blockchain services OmiseGo is developing a variety of front-end services based around e-wallets that will allow developers to integrate a range of features.

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