Ocean Protocol (OCEAN)

$0.316462 (-12.86%)

CMC# Market Cap (USD) Volume (24hr) Circulating Supply NVTS Change (7d) Change (24h) Savings Per 1K
85 $113,653,000.00 $18,461,300.00 359,137,000 OCEAN -- -12.86% -15.28% $40.70

Exchange Pair Volume (24h) Price
BKEX OCEAN/USDT 934,885.00 0.3247000000
Binance OCEAN/BTC 1,758,335.00 0.0000310600
Binance OCEAN/USDT 1,818,789.00 0.3222000000
Bittrex OCEAN/BTC 92,032.00 0.0000308300
KuCoin OCEAN/BTC 471,786.00 0.0000309200
Uniswap (v2) 0X7AFEBBB46FDB47ED17B22ED075CDE2447694FB9E/ETH 206,686.00 0.0009305796
AEX OCEAN/USDT 258,996.00 0.3220000000
KuCoin OCEAN/ETH 139,349.00 0.0009428300
P2PB2B OCEAN/USD 95,106.00 0.3197000000
P2PB2B OCEAN/USDT 172,601.00 0.3197000000
Binance OCEAN/BNB 146,204.00 0.0138200000
Hotbit OCEAN/BTC 75,144.00 0.0000308992
Binance OCEAN/BUSD 71,354.00 0.3232000000
P2PB2B OCEAN/BTC 58,201.00 0.0000307600
Gate.io OCEAN/USDT 17,556.47 0.3233500000
MXC OCEAN/USDT 1,141,566.00 0.3240400000
Bilaxy OCEAN/ETH 2,923,116.00 0.0009534000
MXC OCEAN/ETH 496,717.00 0.0009485000
Bione OCEAN/USDT 178,882.00 0.3231000000
BitZ OCEAN/USDT 670,540.00 0.3200100000
Bvnex OCEAN/USDT 230,673.00 0.3237870000
Hotbit OCEAN/ETH 73,023.00 0.0009269862
Bittrex OCEAN/USDT 21,612.00 0.3199900000
HBTC OCEAN/USDT 7,486,599.00 0.3247000000
WhaleEx OCEAN/USDT 38,776.00 0.3247000000
Poloniex OCEAN/USDT 1,699.86 0.3099620000
VCC Exchange OCEAN/USDT 59.98 0.4465000000


Ocean believes "big data" severely disadvantages users and network participants by sharing and monetizing their data while users have little-to-no control over the process. To fix this, the Ocean team aims to build a decentralized data exchange protocol that lets consumers, corporations, and everyone in between exchange data with symmetric control and transparency. Ocean also aims to activate massive amounts of dormant or un-used data by incentivizing participants through monetization. The ultimate goal of this protocol is to fuel continued artificial intelligence (AI) innovation, a technology that relies heavily on data inputs and a robust, reliable data market. Ocean thinks the key to a sustainable, profitable data market is ensuring that providers and custodians feel safe when sharing data. A peer-to-peer protocol for data sharing is Ocean's solution.


Ocean Protocol relies on four different parties for network security and data exchange. Providers are participants who may offer data, data storage, and computing power, purchasable with Ocean's native token. Marketplaces are participant-built environments that facilitate (1) data discovery (2) transactability and (3) verification. Alongside these marketplaces are data commons that interface with websites, libraries, etc. Last, Ocean has keepers that support the network via running and Ocean node and are compensated via block rewards. Data is exchanged in a three-part process that starts when the client initiates an offering, which is accepted and purchased by data service providers and then verified by keepers.

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