$0.260354 (8.03%)

CMC# Market Cap (USD) Volume (24hr) Circulating Supply NVTS Change (7d) Change (24h) Savings Per 1K
19 $723,663,000.00 $8,112,340.00 2,779,530,000 MIOTA 54 8.03% -2% -$20.91

Exchange Pair Volume (24h) Price
Binance IOTA/BTC 1,421,946.00 0.0000248500
Binance IOTA/USDT 723,285.00 0.2596000000
Binance IOTA/ETH 248,054.00 0.0013366400
Binance IOTA/BNB 80,850.00 0.0096000000
HitBTC IOTA/BTC 1,117,720.00 0.0000248740
HitBTC IOTA/ETH 793,644.00 0.0013382500
HitBTC IOTA/USD 392,477.00 0.2589720000
Huobi Global IOTA/USDT 395,553.00 0.2599000000
Huobi Global IOTA/ETH 54,188.00 0.0013360000
Huobi Global IOTA/BTC 137,141.00 0.0000249100
Huobi Korea IOTA/USDT 12.93 0.2588000000
Huobi Korea IOTA/BTC 74.11 0.0000249300
FCoin IOTA/USDT 694,338.00 0.2588000000
FCoin IOTA/BTC 53,813.00 0.0000249000
OKEx IOTA/USDT 138,926.00 0.2600000000
Coinone IOTA/KRW 84,465.00 311.0000000000
FCoin IOTA/ETH 86,012.00 0.0013350000
CoinEx IOTA/USDT 193,444.00 0.2593000000
OKEx IOTA/BTC 20,399.00 0.0000249000
CoinAll IOTA/BTC 17.79 0.0000249000
Upbit IOTA/KRW 82,967.00 312.0000000000
Piexgo IOTA/BTC 16,305.43 0.0000249200
OKEx IOTA/ETH 2,978.00 0.0013400000
Piexgo IOTA/USDT 25,583.00 0.2591000000 IOTA/USDT 6,519.97 0.2713000000
OKEx IOTA/OKB 1,298.68 0.0870000000
SouthXchange IOTA/BTC 101.84 0.0000251500
CoinEx IOTA/BCH 74,915.00 0.0008265300
CoinEx IOTA/BTC 101,141.00 0.0000247900
Exrates IOTA/USDT 815.45 0.2583079610
Exrates MIOTA/BTC 1,188.26 0.0000251250 IOTA/BTC 8,798.79 0.0000249200 IOTA/USDT 6,389.00 0.2596000000 IOTA/ETH 5,500.33 0.0013366400
FinexBox IOTA/BTC 2,130,580.00 0.0000577600 IOTA/BTC 0.00 0.0000259000
Exrates MIOTA/USD 1,011.29 0.4119350250
Livecoin MIOTA/ETH 297.54 0.0017927800
Livecoin MIOTA/BTC 227.20 0.0000337600
SouthXchange IOTA/DASH 0.00 0.0027947800
SouthXchange IOTA/USD 0.00 0.2398000000
MercuriEx IOTA/TUSD 0.75 0.0100000000


IOTA was created to provide distributed ledger technology for the internet-of-things (IoT) space where small connected devices regularly share data. Because these devices are generally specialized to be low power and perform only specific functions IOTA does not use a traditional consensus mechanism like proof-of-work or proof-of-stake nor does it use a blockchain structure. The goal of the project is to allow these devices to conduct micropayment transactions between themselves and potentially to securely transfer data. At the core of the project is what is referred to as the 'Tangle,' a directed acyclic graph (DAG) that acts as the public ledger system. The team believes that this structure will allow for feeless payments, lower compute cost, and the ability to connect to billions of devices. The efficiency of this system also grows as the number of participants increases as transactions will be processed at a faster rate. One of the project's more recent releases was a data marketplace that allows for storing and selling data streams while masking the source of the data.


IOTA relies on a DAG system to conduct transactions and exchange data. There is no network-wide consensus but instead local approvals between peers. In order to conduct a transaction on the network users must first verify two pending transactions on the network. Compared to other consensus mechanisms this can lead to faster transactions and lower compute cost for verification. Because IOTA uses a unique network structure and implemented its own custom-built cryptographic functions concerns have been raised around the security of the network. [1] IOTA also focuses on enabling offline transactions as part of the team's efforts to reduce the network's resource requirements relative to other blockchain protocols.

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