$0.151747 (11.43%)

CMC# Market Cap (USD) Volume (24hr) Circulating Supply NVTS Change (7d) Change (24h) Savings Per 1K
61 $78,482,900.00 $7,889,910.00 517,195,000 ICX 58 11.43% -2.3% -$17.34

Exchange Pair Volume (24h) Price
Binance ICX/BTC 549,790.00 0.0000177700
Upbit ICX/KRW 739,219.00 174.0000000000
Binance ICX/USDT 432,771.00 0.1522000000
Bithumb ICX/KRW 78,641.00 173.0000000000
Binance ICX/ETH 37,610.00 0.0009270000
Kraken ICX/EUR 37,125.00 0.1352000000
Kraken ICX/XBT 34,091.00 0.0000178600
Binance ICX/BNB 17,966.30 0.0088000000
Binance US ICX/USD 10,869.13 0.1517000000
Velic ICX/USDT 14,272.64 0.1511000000
Kraken ICX/USD 14,515.63 0.1495000000
Gate.io ICX/USDT 1,710.68 0.1497000000
BKEX ICX/USDT 820,307.00 0.1567000000
HitBTC ICX/USD 401,709.00 0.1510640000
BKEX ICX/ETH 240,172.00 0.0009200000
LATOKEN ICX/ETH 265,350.00 0.0009220000
OKEx ICX/BTC 233,580.00 0.0000177000
HitBTC ICX/BTC 140,886.00 0.0000176620
CoinEx ICX/USDT 129,513.00 0.1529720000
DragonEx ICX/USDT 170,435.00 0.1519000000
OKEx ICX/USDT 145,907.00 0.1526000000
CoinAll ICX/BTC 111,191.00 0.0000177000
HitBTC ICX/ETH 31,487.00 0.0009141800
Huobi Global ICX/BTC 19,639.69 0.0000177900
Bitrue ICX/BTC 34,206.00 0.0000177400
Bitrue ICX/ETH 2,295.34 0.0009270000
Huobi Global ICX/ETH 6,719.48 0.0009250000
WazirX ICX/BTC 1.63 0.0000175000
ZB ICX/QC 12,436.13 1.0528000000
Bitrue ICX/XRP 1,822.93 0.6610000000
CoinTiger ICX/BTC 2,686.32 0.0000178000
Kraken ICX/ETH 2,944.71 0.0009260000
LATOKEN ICX/BTC 1,697,757.00 0.0000177300
LATOKEN ICX/USDT 928,503.00 0.1507000000
ZB ICX/USDT 182,272.00 0.1585000000
Hotbit ICX/ETH 84,254.00 0.0009116000
Hotbit ICX/BTC 35,609.00 0.0000177100
CITEX ICX/BTC 41,800.00 0.0000177000
CITEX ICX/ETH 18,334.70 0.0009270000
Bione ICX/USDT 1,840,466.00 0.1522000000
CoinEx ICX/BTC 175,082.00 0.0000177900
CoinEx ICX/BCH 157,640.00 0.0004486500
Huobi Korea ICX/BTC 274.92 0.0000177800
Velic ICX/BTC 12,708.41 0.0000176500
Velic EOS/ICX 11.04 23.8500000000
Velic ETH/ICX 108.52 1,066.0000000000
Velic XRP/ICX 17.18 1.5300000000
OKEx Korea ICX/USDT 744.15 0.1552000000
Gate.io ICX/ETH 6.91 0.0009130000
WazirX ICX/USDT 357.70 0.1509000000
ZB ICX/BTC 0.89 0.0000177800
Upbit Indonesia ICX/IDR 2,026.11 2,100.0000000000
Huobi Korea ICX/ETH 53.67 0.0008780000
Velic BNB/ICX 4.20 117.2000000000


ICON was created to address perceived limitations in developing and deploying "real world applications" for decentralized, consensus-driven, block-chain-based technologies. The team see tremendous utility for block chains outside of the original use case: currency. And ICON wants to allow more developers and customers to build and use block chain applications, bridging the gap between the real world and the "crypto" world. To achieve this network, ICON incorporates a five-prong network: Community (a network of nodes running compatible software similar to Bitcoin's or Ethereum's node "community"), C-Node (the code run by each node member), C-Rep (a class of community C-Nodes that significantly contribute to the ICON network and have transaction confirmation voting rights), ICON Republic (users that connect different network communities), Citizen Node (the nodal component of ICON republic that don't have network voting rights, but can run by dapps on ICON's "loopchain" smart contract execution protocol).


The "network of blockchains" that ICON aims to achieve is accomplished through Nexus, a loopchain-based blockchain that allows discrete blockchain protocols to connect in cross-chain transactions via ICON Portals that connect through Nexus. ICON analogizes Portals to the SWIFT banking network. Portals run ICON's Blocchain Transmission Protocol (BTP) that ICON intends to serve as a connector for a large network of blockchains with different styles of governance similar to the Internet that connects computers through a shared communication layer. ICON also includes loopchain, a smart-contract oriented bloc chain that is based on the Smart Contract On Reliable Environment (SCORE) protocol. Based on loopchain, ICON sports Loop Fault Tolerance (LFT) that aims to ensure faster network consensus without the possibility of forks by maintaining a group of trusted ICON nodes. ICON tokens (ICX) are native to Nexus and transferrable between blockchains connected to the BTP network. ICON also supports a ICX-based decentralized exchange (DEX) that supports the exchange of different native assets across the ICON network.

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