Fantom (FTM)

$0.015668 (14.31%)

CMC# Market Cap (USD) Volume (24hr) Circulating Supply NVTS Change (7d) Change (24h) Savings Per 1K
181 $33,209,900.00 $7,228,780.00 2,119,660,000 FTM -- 14.31% -13.06% -$2.24

Exchange Pair Volume (24h) Price
Binance FTM/BTC 1,763,200.00 0.0000013700
Binance FTM/USDT 1,765,356.00 0.0154200000
MXC FTM/USDT 214,456.00 0.0154463000
MXC FTM/ETH 97,922.00 0.0000410500
KuCoin FTM/BTC 110,355.00 0.0000013700
Binance FTM/BNB 94,091.00 0.0007360000
ProBit FTM/USDT 162,346.00 0.0155200000
Hotbit FTM/USDT 6,988.41 0.0154780200
Hotbit FTM/BTC 180,844.00 0.0000013700
ProBit FTM/KRW 150,605.00 18.4300000000
Hotbit FTM/ETH 92,115.00 0.0000412700
KuCoin FTM/ETH 25,657.00 0.0000412000
Binance DEX FTM-A64/BNB 373.57 0.0007466800
OKEx Korea FTM/USDT 756.52 0.0155000000
Bilaxy FTM/ETH 870,087.00 0.0000414000
Digifinex FTM/BTC 457,667.00 0.0000013800
OKEx FTM/USDT 288,456.00 0.0155000000
Bibox FTM/ETH 399.03 0.0000406900 FTM/USDT 480.29 0.0157400000
BitMax FTM/USDT 94,816.00 0.0155340000
Omgfin FTM/USDT 2,468.24 0.0155300000
Bibox FTM/USDT 32,113.00 0.0158260000
Omgfin FTM/ETH 4,618.62 0.0000413100
YoBit FTM/RUR 0.01 1.2167365300
Omgfin FTM/BTC 4,598.38 0.0000013700
Coinpark FTM/USDT 11,111.68 0.0156910000
Coinone FTM/KRW 193.69 10.0150000000
Uniswap (v1) FTM/ETH 104.13 0.0000563106
YoBit FTM/USD 0.11 0.0175469100
Idex FTM/ETH 1,176.30 0.0000450000
YoBit FTM/BTC 1,056.24 0.0000015300
OKEx FTM/USDK 0.14 0.0174000000
YoBit FTM/ETH 188.30 0.0000444500
YoBit FTM/DOGE 0.10 4.9410465000
YoBit FTM/WAVES 0.00 0.0101213600
Bitsonic FTM/BSC 0.00 0.4232000000
Bitcratic FTM/ETH 19.92 0.1000000000
BitMax FTM/BTC 88.48 0.0000023500


The Fantom Foundation is building a new model of maintaining consensus utilizing a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG). The proposed consensus mechanism can theoretically achieve higher throughput than existing blockchains without compromising security or decentralization. This protocol is intended to be built on the Fantom OPERA Chain to allow applications to achieve instant transactions and near zero-transaction fees. The foundation strives to apply this technology in real world use cases such as foodtech, supply chain management, payment, and smart city programs across the world. In May 2019, Fantom announced that they will be working with Binance Chain to improve interoperability through the creation of a multi asset and cross chain ecosystem, supporting a multitude of tokens including the ERC-20 standard, the native Fantom token standard, and the BEP-2 token standard coined on Binance Chain.


The Fantom OPERA Chain has three layers the Core Layer which processes transactions at scale, the OPERA Ware layer which supports Smart Contract functionality and the OPERA application layer to provide support for third party applications The OPERA Chain utilizes the Lachesis protocol which looks to create potentially infinite scalability with hundreds of thousands of transactions per second by adopting a method where a single event block verifies the previous transaction, and transactions are verified and processed asynchronously without needing approval from miners. Event blocks store information that include multiple data packages which contain transactions, Smart Contracts, historical information, reputation management and rewards. The event block that can connect a supra-majority (greater than two thirds) among event blocks will be appointed as the Clotho and utilized for the appointment of Atropos and for the consensus of other event blocks. The Atropos constitutes the main chain and is utilized in the consensus of other event blocks. Fantom OPERA Chain intends to use a high-level Scala-based functional programming language that compiles to smart contract bytecode on the Fantom Network. Scala has a large community of users and is known to be comparatively easy to learn. It was developed to remove the inconvenience of Java and allows developers to write organized and clean code. Scala provides both object-oriented and functional coding paradigms.

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