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CMC# Market Cap (USD) Volume (24hr) Circulating Supply NVTS Change (7d) Change (24h) Savings Per 1K
154 $69,268,800.00 $9,271,300.00 600,000,000 DNT -- -4.4% -1.7% $5.08

Exchange Pair Volume (24h) Price
Coinbase Pro DNT/USDC 6,053,057.00 0.1178710000
Binance DNT/BTC 1,202,502.00 0.0000036100
Bitrue DNT/XRP 84,177.00 0.4304390000
Binance DNT/USDT 1,202,084.00 0.1185200000
Binance DNT/BUSD 16,332.15 0.1178300000
Uniswap (v2) 0X0ABDACE70D3790235AF448C88547603B945604EA/ETH 55,854.00 0.0000902990
AEX DNT/USDT 188,348.00 0.1179000000
Bitrue DNT/BTC 12,024.01 0.0000036200
BKEX DNT/USDT 511,739.00 0.1186500000
BKEX DNT/BTC 186,131.00 0.0000036200
Bittrex DNT/BTC 9,204.55 0.0000035800
VCC Exchange DNT/BTC 137,480.00 0.0000036200
HitBTC DNT/BTC 1,479.55 0.0000036078
Hotbit DNT/USDT 0.55 0.1199100000
Mercatox DNT/BTC 34,220.00 0.0000035300
Upbit DNT/BTC 1,696.52 0.0000034300
Mercatox DNT/ETH 76,712.00 0.0000798700
Gate.io DNT/ETH 924.14 0.0000889400
Hotbit DNT/BTC 1.87 0.0000032531
Balancer 0X0ABDACE70D3790235AF448C88547603B945604EA/ETH 185.48 0.0000984331
Upbit Indonesia DNT/BTC 3,313.65 0.0000034300
Bitcratic DNT/ETH 8,267.79 0.0004423200


District0x is building a platform that aims to allow developers to create decentralized marketplaces and communities called districts. The platform is focused on providing a full suite of services so that even those with limited technical backgrounds can create districts. District0x will provide back end smart contract services, front end tools, and integrate with other networks like Aragon and InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). Districts function as marketplaces or communities, similar to craigslist or reddit today. Each district is a distinct entity run on the District0x network with basic functionalities like posting, search, filtering, reputational systems and rankings, and payment and invoicing services. The team plans to allow third parties to develop additional modules that could be added other features to districts. The team believes that the platform can be used to recreate many popular internet applications, while using a governance mechanism that lets individuals control the operations of markets they use. Using Aragon as a governance system the platform hopes to allow users to vote on the design, functionality, conduct, and revenue model for each district. The platform launched in June 2017 and as of April 2018 had two live marketplaces; Ethlance, a freelance job board, and Name Bazaar, an auction site for .eth names registered on the Ethereum Name Service. These districts lack the full features that will be offered by the platform, like the governance features from Aragon.


District0x plans to offer a variety of applications that help developers build and operate districts. Using the District Creation Platform users will be able to customize the parameters of the smart contracts for their district. The team plans to use a modular directory similar to the Apple app store in order to allow for easy discovery and use of districts. At the core of the platform is the d0xINFRA framework, which provides the basic infrastructure for a district. The framework provides underlying Ethereum smart contracts and front-end libraries that govern the deployment of new districts and provide baseline functionalities. Each district uses a shared combination of d0xINFRA contracts and district-specific contracts to manage backend functionality. A similar model is used for front-end logic, allowing for flexible UI development. In addition to the core functionalities the team plans to use auxiliary modules that can add further features. These modules can be developed by third-parties which charge a fee for use of their product. Districts will decide on a district-by-district basis what auxiliary modules are implemented via their governance process. District0x plans to integrate governance on both the district and network-wide levels using Aragon once the platform is launched and able to be integrated. Creation of a district on the district0x network would trigger the creation of a deposit pool and corresponding entity on the Aragon network. This entity will allow for things like management of voting rights, role assignments, and accounting functionalities. New districts come with a suggested set of bylaws and parameters when they are created. Currently, district0x creates and deploys new marketplaces based on feedback from token holders. Once the platform is fully built the team plans to hand over all governance to token holders. At this point anyone can create a district and apply to the District Registy, which will be a whitelist of projects approved to access the network. In order to apply for inclusion, districts will be required submit a proposal for their district and send district0x network tokens (DNT) to the registry smart contract as a deposit. If an application goes unchallenged, meaning there are no objections to inclusion, the district will be created and an Aragon entity will be established. The original deposit will be sent to this entity to establish voting rights for the district. If the district is challenged a vote will occur during which time token holders can vote whether or not to include the new entity. In order to challenge an application a token holder would be required to stake DNT equal to the amount deposited by the applicant. If voters decide not to include a new district, the applicant forfeits their tokens, which will be distributed to the voters that voted for the winning side (e.g. the side that voted not to include). If a challenge fails, and the district is accepted, the challenger will forfeit their deposit.

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