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Decred (DCR)

$172.391 (-22.93%)

CMC# Market Cap (USD) Volume (24hr) Circulating Supply NVTS Change (7d) Change (24h) Savings Per 1K
59 $2,229,550,000.00 $54,464,000.00 12,933,100 DCR -- -22.93% -7.55% $39,529.26

Exchange Pair Volume (24h) Price
XT.COM DCR/SXC 17,751,637.00 1,126.3868000000
XT.COM DCR/USDT 15,608,385.00 170.3826000000
Binance DCR/BTC 4,578,215.00 0.0038170000
Gate.io DCR/USDT 101,959.00 170.5140000000
HitBTC DCR/BTC 5,082,752.00 0.0037890000
Binance DCR/USDT 3,999,133.00 171.9600000000
NovaDAX DCR/USDT 294.38 173.8270000000
OKEx DCR/BTC 4,670,215.00 0.0038100000
MXC DCR/USDT 1,716,634.00 171.7829900000
Bittrex DCR/BTC 349,497.00 0.0038049300
AEX DCR/CNC 266,618.00 1,133.6000000000
Poloniex DCR/BTC 137,273.00 0.0038211600
OKEx DCR/USDT 3,707,714.00 171.7700000000
Oceanex DCR/USDT 3,676,853.00 171.6410000000
Huobi Global DCR/USDT 1,087,398.00 171.2912000000
XT.COM DCR/BTC 1,004,751.00 0.0038090400
Hoo.com DCR/USDT 108,980.00 173.6140000000
BKEX DCR/USDT 1,026,100.00 170.3990000000
KuCoin DCR/BTC 71,520.00 0.0038173900
HitBTC DCR/ETH 1,071,397.00 0.0489670000
Oceanex DCR/VET 3,896,650.00 1,025.0000000000
Atomars DCR/BTC 11,592.54 0.0038050100
Atomars DCR/USDT 9,837.68 170.4310000000
Huobi Global DCR/BTC 269,077.00 0.0038180000
HitBTC DCR/USD 13,335.77 172.9829000000
LATOKEN DCR/BTC 89,926.00 0.0038140000
BiKi DCR/USDT 184,365.00 170.5803000000
KuCoin DCR/ETH 9,022.75 0.0497119000
Bittrex DCR/USDT 79,750.00 170.4121057500
CoinEx DCR/USDT 9,351.03 171.5827000000
Gate.io DCR/BTC 19,838.57 0.0038060000
Huobi Global DCR/ETH 72,166.00 0.0495210000
Bittrex DCR/USD 141,784.00 175.0000000000
EXMO DCR/RUB 43,860.00 12,907.0031000000
CoinEx DCR/BTC 5,285.89 0.0038023500
Hotbit DCR/USDT 45.84 173.5700000000
Huobi Korea DCR/USDT 95,679.00 172.0108000000
Huobi Korea DCR/BTC 38.07 0.0038240000
EXMO DCR/UAH 43,117.00 4,858.1420000000
NovaDAX DCR/BRL 25,815.00 937.4304000000
DragonEx DCR/USDT 2,373,848.00 183.0500000000
EXMO DCR/BTC 59,381.00 0.0045120900
Braziliex DCR/BRL 470.85 1,000.0000000000
Huobi Korea DCR/ETH 94.48 0.0531880000
YoBit DCR/USD 34.87 27.9637953600
YoBit DCR/BTC 7.82 0.0003069000
YoBit DCR/RUR 0.44 1,400.0001000100
bleutrade DCR/BTC 936.35 0.0038826300


Decred forked from the Bitcoin codebase when a proposal for new suite of features to be added to Bitcoin from Company 0 was rejected by the Bitcoin core team. Named btcsuite, these features became the core of the Decred project. Decred’s governance and consensus mechanism relies on a PoW/Proof-of-Stake (PoS) hybrid, which the project regards as a sort of “second authentication factor for consensus” by enabling coin holders to curb potential miner centralization, Decred employs a governance body called the Politeia to guide the project’s direction and fund operations from its treasury. The treasury is funded via a block subsidy representing 10% of each block reward. To obtain funds proposals are made to the Politeia which votes to either approve or reject the proposal. Once approved the funding for a proposal is released from the treasury dependent on achievement of agreed upon milestones. The block subsidy was instituted because all enhancements to Bitcoin are dependent on third party funding which the Decred team feels introduces conflicts of interest. Instituting block subsidies is viewed as a preferable option because it makes funds readily available for project enhancements. Spending on enhancements is conducted transparently via the governance mechanisms of the Politeia. Holders of the projects native token, DCR, can earn block rewards by staking their tokens in exchange for tickets. The rewards mechanism functions like a lottery, assigning the block reward randomly to ticket holders. To bring greater certainty to earning rewards many users choose to assign their tokens to a staking pool. Which obtains tickets en mass using participants pledged DCR holdings increasing the chances of pool participants receiving rewards.


Decred preserves some core features of Bitcoin’s codebase (e.g. supply cap), but introduces a plethora of unique features, including replacing SHA256 with BLAKE256, utilizing an elliptic curve (secp256k1) which allows Schnorr signatures integration, and building a PoW-PoS hybrid consensus mechanism. Decred also deploys a novel block reward scheme by splitting rewards between a PoW miner (60%) and typically 5 PoS voters (30%) with the remaining 10% allocated to development subsidy. Block rewards are reduced by a factor of 100/101 every 6,144 blocks, approximately 21 days. Decred investors can become voting stakeholders by purchasing tickets and voting on a Decred block confirmation via a lottery ticket-selection process. A simple majority is necessary to add a block. On September 19, 2017 Decred completed its first successful cross-chain atomic swap with Litecoin. A critical first step in building the decentralized exchange it intends to roll out in the future. Decred is actively pursuing integration with the Lightning network. So users can initiate payments across Bitcoin’s network with its native token DCR and potentially hold multiple assets in Decredition, the Decred wallet solution. Additional steps required to release the decentralized exchange they are focused on building. Currently, the project is adding support for Decentralized Autonomous Entities, DAEs, of which the Politeia is the first example. So users can band together with like-minded individuals to create organizations to support their missions.

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