Decentraland (MANA)

$0.074315 (-5.28%)

CMC# Market Cap (USD) Volume (24hr) Circulating Supply NVTS Change (7d) Change (24h) Savings Per 1K
86 $108,690,000.00 $15,541,900.00 1,462,550,000 MANA -- -5.28% 7.22% $3.92

Exchange Pair Volume (24h) Price
Huobi Global MANA/USDT 1,372,255.00 0.0695000000
BKEX MANA/USDT 240,881.00 0.0695900000
AEX MANA/USDT 279,275.00 0.0702000000
Upbit MANA/KRW 1,288,545.00 81.3000000000
Binance MANA/BTC 1,216,665.00 0.0000067500
Binance MANA/USDT 1,221,613.00 0.0696000000
Huobi Global MANA/BTC 245,287.00 0.0000067500
OKEx MANA/USDT 959,835.00 0.0697000000
Binance MANA/BUSD 101,381.00 0.0690100000
Bitso MANA/MXN 135,379.00 1.5500000000
Coinbase Pro MANA/USDC 111,272.00 0.0691020000
Binance MANA/ETH 217,732.00 0.0002151400
Bittrex MANA/BTC 79,841.00 0.0000067600
Huobi Global MANA/ETH 101,984.00 0.0002147600 MANA/USDT 119,009.00 0.0709000000
Binance US MANA/USD 49,078.00 0.0681000000
Bitkub MANA/THB 8,085.45 2.1700000000
Hotbit MANA/BTC 55,849.00 0.0000067542
Bitfinex MNA/USD 52,007.00 0.0691200000
Hotbit MANA/ETH 56,370.00 0.0002156000
Hotbit MANA/USDT 110,131.00 0.0689610000
P2PB2B MANA/ETH 112,503.00 0.0002153400
Bitfinex MNA/BTC 5,607.63 0.0000069500
LATOKEN MANA/ETH 62,569.00 0.0002149000
Exrates MANA/ETH 7,223.17 0.0002137400
Uniswap (v2) 0X0F5D2FB29FB7D3CFEE444A200298F468908CC942/ETH 65,192.00 0.0002135111 MANA/USDT 22,815.00 0.0681000000
LATOKEN MANA/BTC 82,355.00 0.0000067490
KuCoin MANA/BTC 8,622.79 0.0000067600
OKEx MANA/ETH 162,634.00 0.0002150000
CoinEx MANA/USDT 21,429.00 0.0690720000
AlterDice MANA/ETH 178.78 0.0002153100
KuCoin MANA/ETH 3,094.85 0.0002163000
AlterDice MANA/BTC 869.90 0.0000067200
Bitso MANA/BTC 5,867.19 0.0000067100
Bittrex MANA/ETH 2,508.11 0.0002160000
P2PB2B MANA/BTC 56,696.00 0.0000067500 MANA/ETH 3,799.65 0.0002160000
Dex-Trade MANA/BTC 152.61 0.0000067300
MXC MANA/USDT 559,769.00 0.0692400000
HitBTC MANA/BTC 12,193.86 0.0000067097
BitZ MANA/USDT 3,910,075.00 0.0692000000
HitBTC MANA/ETH 351.22 0.0002147580
HitBTC MANA/USD 414.01 0.0688975000
COINBIG MANA/USDT 1,180,827.00 0.0690100000
Exrates MANA/BTC 45,664.00 0.0000067300
OKEx MANA/BTC 824,727.00 0.0000067400
Bilaxy MANA/BTC 1,377,574.00 0.0000066200
Virgox MANA/USDT 64,190.00 0.0709100000
TOKOK MANA/BTC 118,420.00 0.0000067400
TOKOK MANA/USDT 130,656.00 0.0692000000
Omgfin MANA/ETH 26,288.00 0.0002151400
Omgfin MANA/BTC 19,015.65 0.0000066600
Atomars MANA/BTC 2,863.84 0.0000067300
Mercatox MANA/BTC 15,336.59 0.0000070300
ZB MANA/QC 7,503.36 0.4744000000
Mercatox MANA/ETH 11,260.50 0.0001840400
Atomars MANA/ETH 1,034.16 0.0002153300
Poloniex MANA/BTC 2,470.59 0.0000067200
Dex-Trade MANA/ETH 68.14 0.0002153200
Poloniex MANA/USDT 1,114.46 0.0600038600
Livecoin MANA/BTC 379.61 0.0000073900
HBTC MANA/USDT 55,261,283.00 0.0692400000
DragonEx MANA/USDT 381,935.00 0.0695000000
Bibox MANA/USDT 67,358.00 0.0699820000
Bibox MANA/BTC 174,082.00 0.0000069000
Bibox MANA/ETH 89,253.00 0.0002177300
Lukki MANA/BTC 27,374.00 0.0000067897
Omgfin MANA/USDT 1,869.19 0.0692100000
Lukki MANA/ETH 6,341.07 0.0002178006
CoinEx MANA/BTC 11,816.58 0.0000067358
Upbit MANA/BTC 427.15 0.0000068200
Altilly MANA/BTC 31.55 0.0000061000
WhaleEx MANA/USDT 505,299.00 0.0693100000
Kyber Network MANA/ETH 19,738.84 0.0002234040
Bancor Network MANA/BNT 14,990.37 0.0962858914
Huobi Korea MANA/BTC 6,345.48 0.0000067600
Upbit Indonesia MANA/BTC 903.51 0.0000068200
Huobi Korea MANA/ETH 592.44 0.0002152100
Altilly MANA/DOGE 0.00 7.8070000000
TopBTC MANA/BTC 2,081,148.00 0.0000124800
OKEx Korea MANA/BTC 322.26 0.0000072100
YoBit MANA/BTC 1.25 0.0000072300
YoBit MANA/WAVES 1.22 0.0307604200
YoBit MANA/DOGE 0.68 25.9970640500
Livecoin MANA/ETH 0.95 0.0001953600
YoBit MANA/ETH 0.24 0.0002034700
Tokenlon MANA/ETH 1,137.36 0.0002166800
Uniswap (v1) MANA/ETH 27.16 0.0002228519
1inch 0X0F5D2FB29FB7D3CFEE444A200298F468908CC942/ETH 7.57 0.0002122083



Decentraland is a decentralized, traversable, three-dimensional (3D), virtual reality platform being built on the Ethereum blockchain. The platform focuses on the ownership of parcels of digital land where users can create unique environments in a virtual world. Content creators will be able to prove ownership of, and capture value from, their contributions to the platform. Users will be able to traverse unique areas of content, which can be clustered into districts, giving content creators targeted traffic and allow for spatial discovery of new content by users. Currently, users gather, interact, share content, and play games primarily on large proprietary platforms like Facebook. The team believes that a decentralized model will allow participants to realize several benefits over current centralized services. Users and contributors will be able to benefit from transactions that occur on the platform, instead of allowing some or all of the revenue to flow to a single party. Furthermore, a decentralized platform will reduce the risk of censorship and vulnerabilities due to infrastructure failures or security breaches. Decentraland uses two tokens, LAND and MANA, which allow users to interact with the platform. Individual ownership of land parcels are represented by non-fungible LAND tokens containing the coordinates of a single point on the grid and a reference to the details of each parcel. Ownership details are managed through a ledger on a smart contract. To acquire LAND users must burn ERC20 based MANA tokens. MANA tokens are also used for the purchase of in-game goods and services. In Dec. 2017, the first LAND tokens representing parcels in the first part of the game, Genesis City, were auctioned off. In March 2018, the Decentraland Marketplace was released allowing users to buy and sell parcels (LAND) in Genesis City as well as explore the area on a map. As of May 2018, the platform was still under development. The team plans to roll out access to the Decentraland world through a variety of devices including mobile, web and virtual reality (VR) platforms.


Decentraland consists of the consensus, land content, and real-time layers that allow the smart contract infrastructure to link to real-time visualization and gameplay for users. The base of the network rests on the consensus layer, where land ownership is established through the LAND smart contract and token system. Each LAND entry also contains a has that references the file containing the details of each parcel of land. Files related to LAND entries are contained in the content layer which stores specific details of a land parcel, such descriptions of objects, textures, sounds, as well as scripts controlling how the content is placed and behaves in the parcel. Additional details such as scripts for user interaction and a link to servers for peer-to-peer interactions can be stored in these files. The platform uses IPFS network to store data and links in the consensus layer to retrieve it. Users will interact with objects and other participants in the virtual world through the real-time layer. All interactions on this layer will be handled through peer-to-peer connections, with servers hosted by landowners or third-parties, removing the need to rely on centralized servers. The team has released a software development kit (SDK) that will allow developers to create content within Genesis City and continues to work on integrations for identity and a payment channel infrastructure to facilitate micro-payments on the platform.

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