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Cindicator (CND)

$0.009671 (-1.93%)

CMC# Market Cap (USD) Volume (24hr) Circulating Supply NVTS Change (7d) Change (24h) Savings Per 1K
323 $19,343,000.00 $124,777.00 2,000,000,000 CND -- -1.93% 1.64% $0.19

Exchange Pair Volume (24h) Price
Binance CND/BTC 100,577.00 0.0000008200
Bittrex CND/BTC 903.74 0.0000008000
Livecoin CND/BTC 1.37 0.0000007700
HitBTC CND/BTC 212.17 0.0000008093
Bitfinex CND/ETH 22.17 0.0000231600
Kyber Network CND/ETH 1,024.87 0.0000244785
GoPax CND/KRW 134.34 11.1500000000
Livecoin CND/USDT 0.01 0.0077071700
Livecoin CND/ETH 2.84 0.0000200000
HitBTC CND/USD 0.99 0.0104729600
HitBTC CND/ETH 0.01 0.0000221010
Uniswap (v2) 0XD4C435F5B09F855C3317C8524CB1F586E42795FA/ETH 0.00 0.0000000000


Cindicator is an intelligence platform for the asset management industry. Their products span offerings for traders and analysts including forecasting and arbitrage tools. In order to use the platform individuals must use CND tokens.



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