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Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

$212.903 (-0.64%)

CMC# Market Cap (USD) Volume (24hr) Circulating Supply NVTS Change (7d) Change (24h) Savings Per 1K
5 $3,865,770,000.00 $1,087,120,000.00 18,157,400 BCH 44 -0.64% -1.1% $1,362.58

Exchange Pair Volume (24h) Price
Bitfinex BAB/USD 193,478.00 212.3900000000
Binance BCH/USDT 5,370,097.00 211.1200000000
Float SV BCH/USDT 109.34 210.5600000000
Bitfinex BAB/BTC 99,795.00 0.0282020000
Coinbase Pro BCH/USD 1,293,023.00 211.0800000000
Kraken BCH/EUR 214,956.00 191.2000000000
Binance BCH/BTC 1,552,453.00 0.0282410000
GMO Japan BCH/JPY 9,234.92 22,900.0000000000
Kraken BCH/USD 659,492.00 211.3000000000
Gate.io BCH/USDT 556,623.00 211.1800000000
Kraken BCH/XBT 38,328.00 0.0281700000
Coinbase Pro BCH/BTC 170,653.00 0.0282700000
Coinbase Pro BCH/EUR 139,111.00 190.9000000000
Bitbank BCC/JPY 304,474.00 22,907.0000000000
Binance BCH/USDC 52,579.00 211.2800000000
Binance US BCH/USDT 33,643.00 210.4500000000
Poloniex BCHABC/BTC 122,613.00 0.0282500000
Binance US BCH/USD 23,740.00 211.1700000000
Bittrex BCH/USDT 6,247.85 212.0374080500
Binance US BCH/BTC 3,553.33 0.0283150000
Binance BCH/BUSD 5,667.38 211.3000000000
Tokenize BCH/USD 311,357.00 210.6300000000
KuCoin BCHABC/USDT 238,450.00 211.0800000000
Tokenize BCH/SGD 123,983.00 286.3800000000
Poloniex BCHABC/USDT 16,475.25 210.5464230500
Gemini BCH/USD 38,381.00 210.6300000000
Binance BCH/PAX 2,994.32 210.8200000000
Binance BCH/TUSD 122,356.00 210.6800000000
Bitsdaq BCH/USDT 6,181.43 212.0374080500
Zaif BCH/JPY 3,410.96 23,150.0000000000
Poloniex BCHABC/USDC 69,162.00 210.7823475600
Tokenize BCH/THB 3,300.33 6,387.8100000000
Gate.io BCH/BTC 17,770.05 0.0283000000
NovaDAX BCH/USDT 123,907.00 211.0700000000
NovaDAX BCH/BTC 43,294.00 0.0282120000
Bitbank BCC/BTC 8,197.09 0.0282919800
Bitso BCH/MXN 6,873.40 4,079.2800000000
KuCoin BCHABC/BTC 51,480.00 0.0282400000
EXMO BCH/BTC 162,852.00 0.0282536500
Bittrex BCH/ETH 1,701.45 1.4125166500
Bitsdaq BCH/ETH 1,702.42 1.4125166500
Gemini BCH/BTC 81.78 0.0283500000
Bitfinex BAB/UST 981.76 211.5400000000
Luno BCH/XBT 7,582.37 0.0282000000
BitBay BCC/PLN 8,165.54 821.1400000000
Paribu BCH/TRY 28,557.00 1,228.0000000000
WazirX BCHABC/USDT 4,674.80 211.4500000000
Livecoin BCH/BTC 208,192.00 0.0280925000
Binance BCH/BNB 16,307.92 13.5750000000
Probit BCH/USDT 99,167.00 211.3600000000
EXMO BCH/EUR 85,610.00 191.8543300000
KuCoin BCHABC/ETH 13,108.05 1.4160000000
EXMO BCH/ETH 72,387.00 1.4201495000
Max Maicoin BCH/USDT 10.66 213.2200000000
Probit BCH/BTC 56,133.00 0.0282420000
Velic BCH/BTC 1,237.55 0.0281300000
NovaDAX BCH/BRL 31,721.00 882.8900000000
Bitexlive BCH/USDT 924.52 212.3162101200
EXMO BCH/USDT 70,503.00 211.1241600000
Upbit BCH/BTC 12,549.77 0.0281200000
Dex-Trade BCHABC/ETH 11.73 1.4118600000
TheRockTrading BCH/EUR 30.34 191.6900000000
Dove Wallet BCH/BTC 1,946.53 0.0281534910
Dex-Trade BCHABC/USDT 2,868.52 211.1400100000
Kuna Exchange BCH/UAH 198.71 5,004.0000000000
Dex-Trade BCHABC/BTC 195.75 0.0282338200
Omgfin BCH/UQC 3,436.66 2,943.9679000000
Dove Wallet BCH/USDC 49.98 212.8633091970
Dove Wallet BCH/ETH 59.88 1.4058374410
Dove Wallet BCH/USDT 44.68 209.9792666960
Dove Wallet BCH/TUSD 53.51 213.6520473510
Dove Wallet BCH/PAX 61.28 214.4256234450
Catex BCH/TRX 50,384,104.00 14,604.4107510000
MXC BCH/USDT 31,199,102.00 211.8270000000
Bibox BCH/USDT 26,708,803.00 211.1352000000
Bit-Z BCHABC/USDT 27,233,341.00 211.2300000000
Huobi Global BCH/USDT 12,352,224.00 211.2900000000
BigONE BCHABC/USDT 22,767,418.00 211.3700000000
CBX BCHABC/USDT 22,761,815.00 211.3400000000
ZBG BCHABC/USDT 5,594,520.00 211.0900000000
CoinTiger BCHABC/USDT 26,050,332.00 212.0200000000
OKEx BCH/USDT 14,627,943.00 211.0000000000
Digifinex BCH/USDT 19,848,628.00 211.1400000000
HitBTC BCH/USD 11,751,599.00 211.2890000000
Bitcoin.com BCH/USD 11,784,659.00 211.3010000000
HitBTC BCH/BTC 5,068,866.00 0.0282400000
Bitcoin.com BCH/BTC 5,071,428.00 0.0282420000
P2PB2B BCH/USDT 16,657,644.00 210.9100000000
P2PB2B BCH/USD 13,559,581.00 210.7300000000
Binance JEX BCH/USDT 12,352,224.00 211.2900000000
CBX BCHABC/BTC 10,910,877.00 0.0281980000
P2PB2B BCH/BTC 10,349,348.00 0.0281600000
BigONE BCHABC/BTC 10,908,075.00 0.0281930000
OKEx BCH/BTC 5,538,728.00 0.0282300000
VB BCH/USDT 10,565,665.00 210.9200000000
BHEX BCH/USDT 6,637,075.00 211.2900000000
Catex BCH/USDT 8,883,063.00 211.6000000000
CoinEx BCH/USDT 8,302,971.00 211.0000000000
Huobi Global BCH/BTC 4,332,366.00 0.0282240000
Biki BCH/USDT 7,663,190.00 211.1700000000


Bitcoin Cash ("Bcash") was created out of tension among early Bitcoin investors over rising transaction fees and increasingly divergent opinions on the best on-chain scaling solutions for Bitcoin. Bitcoin Cash also prioritizes strict adherence to what is called Satoshi's "vision" for the original Bitcoin. Viewing peer to peer transactions as the core value proposition of the network and the factor that should be optimized versus other competing factors like security. Versus the more progressive development philosophies of the Bitcoin core software contributors. Who view security as the factor that should be optimized for with the whitepaper reflecting a rough blueprint or important historical document. The execution of the fork on August 1, 2017 led to confusion amongst investors who tried to claim, sell, or spend their BCH due to inconsistent exchange tickers, branding misinformation, and incorrect address use. Bitcoin Cash users lose coins when attempting to send BTC to a BCH address and vice versa. Recognizing this issue Bitcoin Cash migrated to a new address format in January 2018 to improve usability and reduce the chances of errors leading to lost coins. Bitcoin Cash expects to ultimately become more decentralized and widely used than Bitcoin by scaling transaction throughput faster via a higher paced development cycle for technological improvements significantly reducing transactions costs versus Bitcoin. It is expected due to the technology requirements needed to scale the network. Individual users will not be able to run nodes easily via PCs like they can for the Bitcoin network making it potentially less censorship resistant than the Bitcoin blockchain.


Bitcoin Cash forked from Bitcoin at block 478559 since it breaks out of Bitcoin's consensus rules, making transactions are incompatible. Bitcoin Cash shares Bitcoin's genesis block and entire blockchain history up to block 478559. Bitcoin Cash's fork initially increased block sizes from 1 MB to 8 MB and later to 32 MB. To date, Bitcoin Cash has 6 competing node implementations: BitcoinABC, Bitcoin Unlimited, BXT, Parity, Bitprim, and Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin Cash is designed to be Simple Payment Verification (SPV) friendly. SPV means payments can be verified as included in the main chain without validating the entire blockchain on the client device. Post hard fork Bitcoin Cash re-enabled opcodes previously disabled in the early days of Bitcoin for fear of bugs. Re-enabling the opcodes makes Bitcoin Cash’s scripting language more flexible than Bitcoin’s so assets could potentially be tokenized on its chain and simple smart contracts executed. To improve Bitcoin Cash’s scaling capabilities Graphene blocks are being incorporated to replace Compact Blocks. Graphene Block’s can store a similar amount of information in 10% of the space of a Compact Block using Bloom filters and lookup tables. Bitcoin Cash is implements canonical transaction ordering (CTOR), complimenting Graphene’s use for block generation. CTOR eliminates the requirement for miners to independently discover the valid order for blocks. It also allows for parallel block validation absent intermediate states and reduces certain attack vectors around the artificial bloating of blocks. Moving forward Bitcoin Cash wants to further secure the zero confirmation transactions required for scaling by implementing avalanche. Avalanche would protect unconfirmed transactions via pre-consensus by a group of validating nodes prior to the transactions being included in the next Block. Miners of the last 100 blocks would form the pre-consensus group. Bitcoin Cash is designed to fork every 6 months to implement recent upgrades from the project’s open-source software developers. When developers and miners reach consensus on the upgrades the main chain simply adopts them as a soft fork. On November 15, 2018 consensus was not reached on the latest upgrades. Hard forking the original Bitcoin Cash chain and subsequently establishing a new chain with its own token, Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision (BSV).

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