Augur (REP)

$32.1179 (-30.53%)

CMC# Market Cap (USD) Volume (24hr) Circulating Supply NVTS Change (7d) Change (24h) Savings Per 1K
144 $353,297,000.00 $47,355,700.00 11,000,000 REP -- -30.53% -11.59% $9,805.59

Exchange Pair Volume (24h) Price
Coinsbit REP/BTC 36,969.00 0.0007143000
Binance REP/USDT 6,897,564.00 32.3280000000
Binance REP/BTC 3,795,829.00 0.0007143000
Coinsbit REP/USDT 66,823.00 32.3280000000
HitBTC REP/BTC 1,451,381.00 0.0007117000
VCC Exchange REP/BTC 1,932,297.00 0.0007130000
BKEX REP/USDT 2,260,776.00 32.1970000000 REP/USDT 57,822.00 32.2650000000
BitMart REP/ETH 1,307,764.00 0.0092100000
CoinTiger REP/BTC 45,423.00 0.0007117100
OKEx REP/USDT 5,718,427.00 32.8600000000
AEX REP/USDT 1,150,121.00 32.4900000000
Digifinex REP/USDT 1,134,787.00 32.2510000000
Uniswap (v2) 0X221657776846890989A759BA2973E427DFF5C9BB/ETH 129,553.00 0.0093435711
BitMart REP/BTC 2,169,047.00 0.0007100000
Binance REP/ETH 387,081.00 0.0092100000
VCC Exchange REP/ETH 105,378.00 0.0091500000
Binance US REP/USD 650,902.00 32.3500000000
Bibox REP/ETH 441,950.00 0.0091462400
XT.COM REP/USDT 1,595,334.00 32.2875000000 Exchange REP/ETH 1,148,424.00 0.0092000000
Bibox REP/USDT 711,888.00 32.2100000000
Kraken REPV2/USD 1,008,983.00 32.2130000000
HitBTC REP/ETH 1,050,287.00 0.0091770000
Coinsbit REP/ETH 4,952.55 0.0091900000
P2PB2B REP/USDT 11,277.54 32.3250000000
P2PB2B REP/USD 10,640.00 32.3250000000
Kraken REPV2/EUR 310,868.00 26.8530000000
Binance US REP/BUSD 89,212.00 32.4100000000
Exrates REP/BTC 18,695.20 0.0007130000
Kraken REPV2/ETH 275,996.00 0.0092700000
Kraken REPV2/XBT 314,107.00 0.0007190000
Bittrex REPV2/BTC 48,654.00 0.0007184000
CoinBene REP/BTC 807,624.00 0.0007120000
LATOKEN REP/ETH 14,334.64 0.0091900000
WazirX REP/USDT 10,988.02 32.2460000000
Atomars REP/BTC 6,981.10 0.0007130000
Exrates REP/USD 11,944.55 32.3010000000
Atomars REP/USDT 8,999.13 32.2200000000
LATOKEN REP/BTC 70,327.00 0.0007120000
Atomars REP/ETH 2,960.89 0.0091800000 REP/ETH 16,398.36 0.0092000000
Coinfield REP/XRP 91,670.00 22.0604000000
Bitfinex REP/BTC 98,711.00 0.0007237800
Dove Wallet REP/EUR 4.02 26.8383000000
Dove Wallet REP/USDT 123.59 32.4483000000
Dove Wallet REP/ETH 173.71 0.0093673200
Dove Wallet REP/USDC 5.76 32.5471000000
Omgfin REP/BTC 3,432,732.00 0.0007137000
Omgfin REP/ETH 1,931,739.00 0.0092000000
Omgfin REP/USDT 339,277.00 32.1280000000
OKEx REP/ETH 380,208.00 0.0093700000
Dove Wallet REP/BTC 51.34 0.0007188700
Upbit REP/BTC 71,612.00 0.0007454100
Bittrex REPV2/ETH 15,744.66 0.0092556700
Dove Wallet REP/GBP 2.04 23.2277000000
Hotbit REP/USDT 2,225.53 31.7460000000
BitBay REP/BTC 973.16 0.0007310000
BitBay REP/EUR 260.39 27.0100000000
Dove Wallet REP/PAX 0.04 31.6888000000
Omgfin REP/UQC 137,460.00 1.4447000000
WhaleEx REP/USDT 431,857.00 32.0730000000
1inch 0X221657776846890989A759BA2973E427DFF5C9BB/ETH 101,640.00 0.0094243035
Bitfinex REP/USD 66,804.00 34.4450000000
Mercatox REP/BTC 29,467.00 0.0006844200
Coinbase Pro REP/USD 7,940,153.00 37.6400000000
Upbit REP/KRW 12,959,112.00 40,560.0000000000
Coinbase Pro REP/BTC 1,225,873.00 0.0008350000
Bithumb REP/KRW 1,456,755.00 40,210.0000000000
IDCM REP/USDT 7,825,014.00 30.8300000000
Indodax REP/IDR 35,701.00 490,000.0000000000
CoinEx REP/USDT 14,268.47 34.4218000000
BitBay REP/PLN 18,779.34 135.0000000000
Dove Wallet REP/KRW 173.81 40,488.5000000000
NiceHash REP/BTC 414.48 0.0007590000
GoPax REP/KRW 8,122.02 38,690.0000000000
BitBNS REP/INR 1,081.91 2,950.0000000000
Dove Wallet REP/TUSD 0.76 32.7494000000
Upbit Indonesia REP/BTC 71,169.00 0.0007454100
Uniswap (v3) 0X221657776846890989A759BA2973E427DFF5C9BB/ETH 69.12 0.0093948814
Uniswap (v3) 0X221657776846890989A759BA2973E427DFF5C9BB/USDC 300.21 44.9797476643
BitBay REP/ETH 7.74 0.0106000000
CREX24 REP/BTC 2.47 0.0007210000
Uniswap (v2) 0X1985365E9F78359A9B6AD760E32412F4A445E862/ETH 25,459.00 0.0110812886
ProBit REP/USDT 33.21 40.1220000000
ProBit REP/KRW 1,663.30 51,605.0000000000
Zebitex REP/ETH 218.92 0.0175565000
Zebitex REP/BTC 265.65 0.0014979000
BitBay REP/USD 20.99 35.0000000000
Tokenlon REP/USDT 13,516.38 45.6195846700



Augur is creating a decentralized open-source prediction market platform and oracle service. The project was founded in 2014 and released an alpha version of the platform in June 2015. Due to issues with the Serpent language, which pre-dated Solidity, the team had to re-write their code in Solidity leading to a delay in development. Augur now expects to launch their full main network in July 2018. Prediction markets on the platform will enable users to create a market for forecasting a specific future event, like who will win the next election or which team will win the world cup. Participants in the market will be able to buy “shares” of the specific outcome they see as most likely. At the end of a pre-determined period the outcome is checked and those that own shares in the correct result receive a monetary reward. Prediction markets can be useful tools in tracking the true sentiment for results, as typically only the most informed individuals will risk money when making a prediction. The team believes that by creating a fully decentralized prediction market they can overcome issues seen in centralized markets such as needing to trust that a result is correctly reported and that a payout is received. In addition, by creating a framework for the creation of these markets users can forecast the outcome of almost any event. Once a market is created trading begins immediately. The outcome of the event is determined by Augur’s oracles which are incentivized to report on event outcomes. Upon determination of the outcome, traders can close their positions and collect their payouts.


The workflow for prediction markets in Augur can be broken down into four segments; creation, trading, reporting, and settlement. Markets will be created by a user that is responsible for setting parameters around the event, such as the end-date for the market and designated oracle or reporting entity. Once the end date is reached the designated oracle is responsible for providing the outcome of the event, such as who did, in fact, win an election. This designated oracle does not unilaterally decide the outcome of the market, and it can be disputed and corrected by the community. The creator must also choose a resolution source such as “” and set a creator fee which is to be paid to the market creator upon trade settlement. Additionally, creators must post a validity bond to incentivize the creation of well-defined events, and a no-show bond to incentivize the creator to pick a reliable reporter. Market participants forecast the outcomes of events by trading shares of those possible outcomes. Shares can be traded freely upon creation. Using the Augur matching engine anyone can create or fill an existing order. All Augur assets – including shares in market outcomes, fee window tokens, shares in dispute bonds, and even ownership of the markets themselves – are transferable at all times. Once an event occurs, the outcome is determined by Augur’s oracles, which are profit driven reporters that are incentivized to report the true real-world outcome. Anyone who owns reputation (REP) tokens can participate in reporting and disputing outcomes. Reporters whose outcomes are consistent with consensus are rewarded while those whose outcomes are inconsistent are penalized. The reporting system runs on a seven-day fee window. All fees collected during a respective window are pooled and distributed to the reporters who contributed during that window. Reporters receive rewards in proportion to the amount of REP staked during the fee window. To incentivize consistent participation during each fee window, REP holders can also purchase participation tokens, which are redeemable for a certain portion of the fee pool. Augur levies a creator fee and reporter fee when market participants settle trades with the market contract. These fees are proportional to the amount paid out to respective users. The creator fee is set during market creation, and the reporting fee is set dynamically.

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