AirSwap (AST)

$0.125218 (-3.2%)

CMC# Market Cap (USD) Volume (24hr) Circulating Supply NVTS Change (7d) Change (24h) Savings Per 1K
372 $18,782,800.00 $5,812,160.00 150,000,000 AST -- -3.2% -0.87% $4.01

Exchange Pair Volume (24h) Price
Huobi Global AST/USDT 198,386.00 0.1260000000
Binance AST/BTC 309,504.00 0.0000096100
Huobi Global AST/BTC 68,127.00 0.0000096300
BKEX AST/BTC 85,518.00 0.0000096000
CoinEx AST/USDT 15,767.16 0.1255580000
Bilaxy AST/BTC 3,019,238.00 0.0000096000 AST/ETH 471,577.00 0.0003117200 AST/USDT 346,970.00 0.1260220000
Uniswap (v2) 0X27054B13B1B798B345B591A4D22E6562D47EA75A/ETH 27,876.00 0.0003118230
OKEx AST/USDT 27,536.00 0.1245000000
XT AST/USDT 67,868.00 0.1248000000
CoinEx AST/ETH 14,831.83 0.0003090200
CoinEx AST/BTC 19,127.13 0.0000096404
IDCM AST/USDT 2,042,601.00 0.1401000000
Balancer 0X27054B13B1B798B345B591A4D22E6562D47EA75A/ETH 34,609.00 0.0003117499 AST/USDT 23.98 0.1244000000
NiceHash AST/BTC 2.65 0.0000101400
Bitfinex AST/USD 1.24 0.1243100000
Ethfinex AST/USD 95.62 0.1314600000
1inch 0X27054B13B1B798B345B591A4D22E6562D47EA75A/ETH 1,649.84 0.0003137639
Uniswap (v1) AST/ETH 399.42 0.0003128318


AirSwap launched in 2017 as an alternative to centralized exchanges and trading platforms that take custody and run orderbooks. Powered by the Swap Protocol, traders on AirSwap can identify potential counterparties, negotiate directly (and privately), and execute on-chain, peer-to-peer trades through an "atomic swap" using an Ethereum smart contract--without ever relying on a third-party to custody assets or match orders.


AirSwap is a peer-to-peer trading network for ERC20 tokens. Using the Swap Protocol, a user that is interested in trading an asset can post an indication of interest to the AirSwap Indexer. Other users can query the Indexer to identify potential counterparties based on the posted indications of interest. Once a user identifies a counterparty, they can negotiate directly and utilize the AirSwap smart contract to execute an on-chain "atomic swap." Unlike centralized exchanges that lack transparency and are susciptible to hacks and theft, AirSwap does not take custody of funds or assets, does not use an order book or matching engine, and collects no trading fees—providing a safer, more secure trading environment.

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