Aeternity (AE)

$0.110793 (3.51%)

CMC# Market Cap (USD) Volume (24hr) Circulating Supply NVTS Change (7d) Change (24h) Savings Per 1K
177 $35,839,200.00 $8,081,090.00 323,480,000 AE -- 3.51% -0.24% -$3.89

Exchange Pair Volume (24h) Price
AEX AE/CNC 850,199.00 0.7300000000
AEX AE/USDT 298,361.00 0.1104000000
MXC AE/USDT 1,628,741.00 0.1101100000
Bithumb AE/KRW 18,452.80 124.5000000000 AE/USDT 64,909.00 0.1105000000
Huobi Global AE/USDT 131,792.00 0.1106000000
Binance AE/BTC 86,431.00 0.0000085400
Hotbit AE/USDT 1,005,828.00 0.1102070000
Huobi Global AE/BTC 38,452.00 0.0000085500 AE/ETH 17,873.30 0.0002720000
ZB AE/QC 92,710.00 0.7265000000
Binance AE/ETH 6,689.90 0.0002720000
MXC AE/ETH 132,621.00 0.0002696600
BKEX AE/USDT 139,894.00 0.1105000000
Huobi Global AE/ETH 36,565.00 0.0002720000
Hotbit AE/BTC 40,825.00 0.0000086000 AE/BTC 3,164.15 0.0000084800
CoinEx AE/USDT 8,782.29 0.1103620000
ProBit AE/KRW 5,581.28 124.4000000000
ProBit AE/USDT 7,232.05 0.1105000000
ProBit AE/BTC 4,454.55 0.0000085400
Atomars AE/BTC 333.70 0.0000085600
TOKOK AE/BTC 982,240.00 0.0000085400
XT AE/USDT 101,197.00 0.1106100000
XT AE/SXC 57,385.00 0.7296000000
HitBTC AE/BTC 3,737.45 0.0000082700
CoinBene AE/BTC 28,305.00 0.0000085100
Bitalong AE/USDT 15,729.23 0.1104000000
XT AE/BTC 4,161.14 0.0000085600
Hotbit AE/ETH 41,435.00 0.0002692700
Livecoin AE/BTC 252.62 0.0000088900
Atomars AE/ETH 33.39 0.0002690000
DragonEx AE/USDT 2,270,741.00 0.1110000000
EXX AE/USDT 755,327.00 0.1106000000
OKEx AE/USDT 59,149.00 0.1110000000
OKEx AE/BTC 2,255.56 0.0000085000
CoinAll AE/BTC 0.00 0.0000085000
OKEx AE/ETH 1,941.78 0.0002710000
CoinBene AE/USDT 22,344.00 0.1114000000
CoinEx AE/BTC 19,366.30 0.0000085162
Bitalong AE/ETH 140.68 0.0002700000
Sistemkoin AE/TRY 206,294.00 0.8818660000
Sistemkoin AE/USDT 79,809.00 0.1107200000
Sistemkoin AE/ETH 41,532.00 0.0002713500
Sistemkoin AE/BTC 145,254.00 0.0000085700
YoBit AE/BTC 12.97 0.0000303700


Aeternity wants to develop a uniquely efficient data oracle blockchain platform to ameliorate some of the perceived scalability obstacles experienced by the rapidly growing smart contract developer community. Consensus mechanisms are used to verify the quality of the oracle's data with state channel integration to improve privacy and and flexibility not storing smart contract code or states on-chain to improve execution and data transfer speeds. Indeed the only data that can be settled on the Aeternity blockchain is the transfer of native tokens.


In developing the Aeternity blockchain, the team adheres to a few key principles. First, safe contract execution needs an assurance that programmatic value transfers will be reliable verified and stored on chain, which is why Aeternity developed a few language Sophia and a new virtual machine, FTWVM, but Aeternity plans to support multiple VMs. Second, efficient execution. Aeternity believes this requires implementing state channels to use the main chain only for executing smart contracts, not storing data. It's also the reason behind Aeternity's hybrid proof-of-stake-proof-of-work (PoSPoW) hybrid consensus mechanism. Cost is also a corollary to efficiency for Aeternity, which leaves fee determinations up to miners and users. The security of the Aeternity blockchain is maintained by circulating Aeons (AE), the native token (not to be confused with the CryptoNote-based cryptocurrency Aeon). All fees are paid with Aeon, and the initial distribution of Aeon tokens at the genesis block is controlled by a smart contract hosted on the Ethereum blockchain. ERC-20 Aeons are distributed on Ethereum with a built in burn feature for when smart contracts are executed and tokens are exchanged for Aeternity mainnet tokens for final settlement.

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