0x (ZRX)

$0.189765 (8.41%)

CMC# Market Cap (USD) Volume (24hr) Circulating Supply NVTS Change (7d) Change (24h) Savings Per 1K
54 $113,949,000.00 $18,596,900.00 600,476,000 ZRX 59 8.41% 6.78% -$15.96

Exchange Pair Volume (24h) Price
Binance ZRX/BTC 1,533,155.00 0.0000181700
Coinbase Pro ZRX/USD 1,136,806.00 0.1891090000
Ethfinex ZRX/USD 207,310.00 0.1909600000
Binance ZRX/USDT 775,750.00 0.1887000000
Coinbase Pro ZRX/BTC 252,877.00 0.0000181600
Poloniex ZRX/BTC 95,044.00 0.0000181500
Bittrex ZRX/BTC 44,964.00 0.0000181900
Coinbase Pro ZRX/EUR 100,918.00 0.1701440000
Bitsdaq ZRX/BTC 45,208.00 0.0000181800
Ethfinex ZRX/BTC 20,049.00 0.0000182100
Binance ZRX/ETH 224,691.00 0.0009766700
Huobi US (HBUS) ZRX/BTC 449.56 0.0000181700
Huobi US (HBUS) ZRX/USDT 123.09 0.1890000000
Binance ZRX/BNB 52,732.00 0.0069900000
Ethfinex ZRX/ETH 6,279.21 0.0009772700
EXMO ZRX/BTC 24,882.00 0.0000181400
Poloniex ZRX/USDT 25,247.00 0.1897934400
Bittrex ZRX/ETH 5,435.50 0.0009831200
Bitsdaq ZRX/USDT 20,874.00 0.1895000000
Bittrex ZRX/USDT 20,861.00 0.1895000000
Bitsdaq ZRX/ETH 5,436.01 0.0009831200
Gate.io ZRX/USDT 18,389.24 0.1912000000
Huobi US (HBUS) ZRX/ETH 189.50 0.0009815900
Poloniex ZRX/ETH 15,662.87 0.0009817500
EXMO ZRX/ETH 14,311.75 0.0009795300
EXMO ZRX/USD 14,212.53 0.1926902200
Gate.io ZRX/ETH 2,498.73 0.0009800000
Coinfield ZRX/USD 12,272.95 0.1896000000
Korbit ZRX/KRW 1,085.21 232.8000000000
Gate.io ZRX/BTC 647.30 0.0000185700
Biki ZRX/BTC 264,932.00 0.0000184200
HitBTC ZRX/BTC 905,344.00 0.0000182000
HitBTC ZRX/USD 207,828.00 0.1892350000
MXC ZRX/ETH 1,274,320.00 0.0009797900
HitBTC ZRX/ETH 151,793.00 0.0009789500
BitMax ZRX/BTC 862,277.00 0.0000181400
Biki ZRX/ETH 172,241.00 0.0010002600
Exrates ZRX/BTC 914,044.00 0.0000187500
Bkex ZRX/USDT 531,327.00 0.1777000000
Huobi Korea ZRX/USDT 30,294.00 0.1888000000
OKEx ZRX/BTC 384,766.00 0.0000181700
OKEx ZRX/USDT 405,009.00 0.1890000000
BitMax ZRX/USDT 498,025.00 0.1907000000
CoinTiger ZRX/BTC 513,854.00 0.0000181600
Upbit ZRX/KRW 300,352.00 228.0000000000
Huobi Korea ZRX/BTC 11,262.86 0.0000181500
BitMax ZRX/ETH 486,474.00 0.0009749200
Huobi Global ZRX/USDT 290,206.00 0.1888000000
Upbit ZRX/BTC 45,205.00 0.0000181800
Exrates ZRX/USD 476,028.00 0.1964529800
C2CX ZRX/USDT 1,279.54 0.1900000000
CoinTiger ZRX/ETH 468,005.00 0.0009834200
XT ZRX/USDT 394,207.00 0.1883000000
XT ZRX/SXC 391,142.00 1.3308000000
Digifinex ZRX/BTC 296,731.00 0.0000182700
Huobi Global ZRX/BTC 133,990.00 0.0000181900
Bitrue ZRX/XRP 195,591.00 0.6980000000
C2CX ZRX/BTC 217.18 0.0000184000
Exrates ZRX/ETH 275,206.00 0.0010108700
Bitrue ZRX/BTC 138,320.00 0.0000185900
BW.com ZRX/USDT 235,121.00 0.1890000000
Bitexlive ZRX/BTC 43,364.00 0.0000185900
Bitexlive ZRX/USDT 45,163.00 0.1928910000
HPX ZRX/CNYT 205,889.00 1.3054000000
Digifinex ZRX/USDT 152,846.00 0.1942000000
Upbit ZRX/ETH 5,433.76 0.0009831200
Omgfin ZRX/USDT 87,976.00 0.1887768000
Upbit ZRX/USDT 20,861.00 0.1895000000
Huobi Global ZRX/ETH 26,542.00 0.0009831200
Omgfin ZRX/UQC 77,983.00 1.7288602900
Bkex ZRX/ETH 100,694.00 0.0009282700
Catex ZRX/BTC 93,451.00 0.0000182400
Omgfin ZRX/BTC 43,523.00 0.0000180700
Catex ZRX/ETH 84,009.00 0.0009771500
Bitrue ZRX/ETH 825.97 0.0010001200
Bittrex ZRX/USD 7,001.26 0.1882400000
P2PB2B ZRX/BTC 32,590.00 0.0000179000
OKEx ZRX/ETH 15,993.20 0.0009800000
KuCoin ZRX/BTC 2,295.99 0.0000182300
Probit ZRX/USDT 7,964.72 0.1892000000
TOKOK ZRX/ETH 28,371.00 0.0009785300
Bitexlive ZRX/ETH 8,480.73 0.0010008200
ZB ZRX/QC 3,482.26 1.3331000000
Bilaxy ZRX/USDT 33,055.00 0.1984000000
P2PB2B ZRX/USD 7,358.77 0.1825000000
Omgfin ZRX/ETH 9,607.21 0.0009814800
BitAsset ZRX/BTC 6,011.37 0.0000181700
Probit ZRX/BTC 14,890.82 0.0000181800
KuCoin ZRX/ETH 977.75 0.0009782000
Whitebit ZRX/BTC 3,442.08 0.0000186900
Whitebit ZRX/ETH 972.05 0.0010039300
Coinfield ZRX/XRP 15,991.26 0.6828000000
Whitebit ZRX/USDT 1,490.90 0.1906000000
CREX24 ZRX/BTC 39.46 0.0000182700
Coinfield ZRX/CAD 4,180.79 0.2526000000
P2PB2B ZRX/ETH 3,225.13 0.0009629500
Atomars ZRX/BTC 1,592.03 0.0000177800
Radar Relay ZRX/WETH 2,008.64 0.0009900000
Atomars ZRX/USDT 748.14 0.1863700000
Dex-Trade ZRX/BTC 47.00 0.0000188100


0x is building a decentralized exchange for the Ethereum blockchain. The team envisions this protocol as a way to facilitate permissionless transfers of value across the Ethereum blockchain. Initially, the project will focus on the exchange of ERC20 with plans to build capabilities to allow for the exchange of any Ethereum based asset. Decentralized exchanges have the potential to offer advantages over centralized systems such as real-time settlement, reduced counterparty risk, censorship-resistant transactions, and transparent technology. 0x is not managing a decentralized exchange itself but is instead building the infrastructure to enable the creation of these platforms. Unlike earlier decentralized exchanges 0x does not use on-chain order books, but instead uses “relayers” to manage order books through off-chain messaging. The team believes this reduces costs related to updating orders and offers a faster process. Transactions are settled on the blockchain based on quotes from the off-chain messaging service. Integration of the 0x protocol will happen through two primary methods. First, partners will integrate the technology to power various services, such as marketplaces in District0x or prediction markets in Augur. Second, users can create decentralized exchanges that facilitate the swapping of ERC20 tokens. This includes services like Radar, The Ocean, and Paradex. The goal is to create a venue for decentralized exchange with an open protocol supporting as many relayers as possible. So a sufficiently sized pool of liquidity can be aggregated for the efficient trading of tokens amongst participants.


0x relies on focuses on seamlessly integrating transactions initiated off-chain via state channels with formal on chain settlement to the Ethereum blockchain. Relayers maintain the off-chain order book that helps to match buyers and sellers but they never take custody of assets. Instead, assets are swapped directly between buyers and sellers, point to point, to ensure their security. Relayers receive compensation, in 0x (ZRX) tokens, for hosting the order book based on the fee schedule that they set. Transactions are enabled by a series of smart contracts that receive instructions from the taker (the user that is trading against a quote) of an asset based on the quote from a maker (the user that added a quote to the order book). The order is executed on the blockchain by transferring assets between the maker and taker accounts. In addition to the order book system maintained by relayers, assets can be exchanged through any messaging system as long as they are formatted to flow into the smart contract system correctly. The proper format is maintained in a token registry, which is a smart contract storing the list of ERC20 tokens available for exchange. Metadata stored for each token includes name, symbol, contract address, and the number of decimal places needed to represent a token’s smallest unit (used to determine exchange rates). The registry serves as the official on-chain reference for settlement of transactions used by market participants to confirm the token addresses and exchange rates trades will settle at once executed. Going forward the team plans to introduce governance mechanisms that will give ZRX token holders oversight of the registry and allow for future upgrades to the network. Because the relayer system resides outside of Ethereum’s main chain one of the primary concerns the team is looking to proactively address is the potential for front-running. Theoretically, when transactions are delivered to the Ethereum main chain an order could be front run by adding extra gas to a transaction that could allow a user to have their transaction filled first. The team has indicated a number of ideas on how to tackle the problem and are engaging in targeted experimentation to identify the most promising solution(s).

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